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I've won an award! I'm a Versatile Blogger. Kristine of Kristine's Place has awarded this to me and I appreciate it muchly.

The rules after accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs.

Thank you, Kristine!

7 Things About Me…

1. I'm a cunt. But you probably already knew that.

2. I have zero tolerance for slow-assed computers and other tech devices, like cell phones. They seem to sense this and actually slow down for me just to piss me off. One day, when cars are totally computer controlled, they will be as annoying and shitty as our modern digital devices and yet we will be told how superior they are simply because they are new. Did you know that those old analog telephones were 10 times better than the new digital ones? It's true. And vinyl records actually contain higher quality sound that the average CD and much higher quality than iTunes songs. Think of it, your grandparents had better phones, better cars and better quality music than you have. What?

3. I'm getting older, but my writing is not getting any better. And I don't seem to be getting any funnier. But I am getting fatter. I thought fat old people were supposed to be funny and jolly. WTF happened?

4. I started this blog after a famous and very talented writer, Patricia Pearson, encouraged me to write. No one wanted to publish any of my writing, so out of a sheer need to be able to speak and potentially be heard somewhere I began blogging. Now, after 7 long years of writing, everyone can see why no one wanted to publish my writing. It's chaotic and foul shit that sometimes makes you think and sometimes makes you laugh and sometimes makes you say "what the hell??"

5. I am dramatically underpaid and increasingly demotivated to continue in my field as a result. It's ironic that Memphis claims to have such a shortage of qualified talent in my field, yet they so consistently pay me shit for the work that I do and then refuse to raise it up to the proper level once they see what I can really do. Ah, but it isn't just Memphis that is doing that, apparently.

6. I used to be so fed up with the massive evil and corruption in America that I became apathetic about all the shit going on in this country. I would make jokes about it, but never believed that I could do anything. And then I decided to try to make a difference. I decided to try as hard as I could to make the changes, any changes, that need to be made happen. And so I threw myself up against the system, "the establishment" as the hippies called it, and found that there truly is nothing I can do, no difference that I can make, no good that won't be blocked by the system. The system is set up to funnel our tax dollars and our properties to evil crooks and no one else. It is not designed to give justice or solve problems. It is simply there for the benefit of the criminals in Nashville, in Washington, DC, in whatever capital there happens to be, and the friends, family members and business associates of those criminals. If you want to make a change for the better, you truly do need a revolution to do it. Those with our money and the power to confiscate it won't give any of it up without a bloody fight to the death. This is why our police departments have been increasingly militarized over the past many years, until we now have many police departments where the cops are virtually indistinguishable from special ops soldiers, snipers and assassins. The militarized cops' enemy, though, is us. And the more crooked and ineffectual our leaders become, the more cops there are and the more heavily armed and vicious.

7. I used to think I was the only person who was so angry and dissatisfied with our governments and all the corruption. I even wrote about it a few years back, about political parties sending me letters asking why I was no longer supporting them, and the angry responses I sent. And then a group of angry conservatives rose up and formed the Tea Party. Even though they were attacking the very politicians that our leftist media claims to hate, that same leftist media defended those politicians and attacked the Tea Party, giving even greater credibility to that Tea Party as genuine and truly a citizens revolt. Otherwise, why would the communists in our media hate it so much? As this was happening, I began hearing from people in the UK how dissatisfied they are, too, and how overbearing, controlling and corrupt their governments. Then Australia, with Julia's disastrous carbon tax. And now Canada, with people describing the very same situation that I described on my blog years ago, where political parties call or write to harass them for support. And they don't give their support anymore because they see how unresponsive and out-of-touch those party leaders are, and how little they actually do to help the very people who put them in power. And I wonder, is anyone happy right now, anyone who isn't gleefully ignorant and mentally retarded?

And now 15 blogs? Holy shit, I don't know if I have 15 blogs to point to, let alone 15 new blogs. I'll give it my best shot, but don't get upset if there aren't 15.

OK, I can't do 15 new blogs, but here are some good ones who all win this Versatile Blogger award from me:

Ute - Ute gives a unique perspective on Australia. And she loves the Australian ute.

Wandering Aimlessly - for some reason I can't leave comments on this blog, but it is brand new to me and worth checking out. Go have a look!

Gucci Mama - she will make you laugh with a snark that I admire. Snark is good. Snark keeps us all from going insane and shooting randomly into crowds while quoting lines from our favorite TV show.

ADW - she's not new, per se, but she was gone away for a long time and now she's come back. Talk about snark, she's the queen of snark. She's the Ex-Hooters Girl and she's a great read.

Ubermouth - there is Andy Dick crazy and then there is the kind of crazy where you don't know when they're joking and when they're not. I think Don Rickles was the king of this. Uber does Don Rickles in blog form. You really should check it out.

Miss Stormy Marples - she's brand spanking new and gives a new perspective on the world. Check it out.

AlleyCat - OK, this isn't a new blog, and it isn't new to me, but it's a good blog and she's a good blogger and you should go read and comment and say 'hello' from me. Cat is good people.

Cap'n John - He's an Australian man living in LA. go, visit, go.

JLee - sometimes it's private. Sometimes it's not. But it's always good. And she's the nicest person you'll talk to this year. Go say 'hi' and tell her she's a hottie.

Electro Kevin - Do you read Electro? Why not? He's living in the UK and enduring the aftermath of the policies of Tony Blair. Sometimes he'll tell you about what that's like and why it isn't fun. He once warned us here in America that we had just elected a black Tony Blair and that we'd regret it.

LX or XL - whichever one it is, he's a Texas man sharing a uniquely quiet Texan view of the world. He's very popular and for good reason. Go visit him and you'll see why everyone likes him.

Storm in a Teacup - Jen in Australia, oh so nice and a long time blogger. You can roll back through the years of her life in her blog posts. Go and visit Jen. You'll like her. Wish her g'day.

Chapter Two - a wife and mother begins a new phase in her life. Read along and begin it with her.

Fifi Dangerfield - most of the Aussie blogs I list in my blogroll are somewhere in the eastern half of the continent. Fifi lives in Perth, the Aussie version of California, but without the crazy, the botox, the illegal alien swarms, or the '60s hippies running the place into the ground. She's a beautiful lady. Go pay her a visit. You may never leave again once you've gone. We all go to Australia when we die, you know, unless we're bad, in which case we go to Detroit.

Kristine's Place - how can I post a list without including the lovely woman who gave me this award in the first place? Visit Kristine's Place. It's Canada in blog form. It's lovely and nice, just like Canada.

So I believe I have 15, some old, some new, all good and all for you.

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