No Doubt

If you have any doubts as to whether I'm swamped in my professional life and slipping in my personal life, you need only look at the dates of my blog posts over the past several months to see that I am posting less frequently than ever before. I also missed the Toronto International Film Festival, which I had actually been thinking about flying up for. Toronto is a cool place, sort of like Hollywood, but without quite as much of the ego and crazy and just as much of the WoW factor.

Toronto International Film Festival

My workouts have become somewhat random, as I seem to be either sick or hurt about half the time. Yay me, I'm working myself right into the hospital at the rate I'm going. But I don't seem to be getting stronger or faster or gaining in endurance, so clearly I'm doing it wrong.

Fitness Fail

A friend of mine ran a race recently and I saw the photos from it on her Facebook page. She looked like a woman from Runner's World magazine, a professional fitness model. So I ran that same race and even paid for the photos the race organizers took and sold to us. Sadly, I don't look anything like a person that you'd see in Runner's World. Or Muscle and Fitness. Or Men's Health. Or pretty much any magazine where the people are good-looking and exciting. Clearly I need to stay behind the camera and stick to photographing models from now on. I always knew there was a reason I am so picky in choosing models with all the right features and all that. A good model can make even the worst photographer look like a genius, and a slob like me can make the best photographer look like a loser.

Good Models

So, what else is going on?

Anything exciting in the news lately?

The stock market has been in perpetual free-fall. Apparently the combination of toxic 'triangulation' politics, '60s era Marxism, European socialism, George Soros' anti-dollar gold speculation, Muslim terrorist attacks and global warming gay pride HPV lame television for girls has converged to create a powerful gravitational pull on the world's economies. In other words, the shit is hitting the fan and it just keeps on getting shittier and shittier.

The news media is reporting that Big Money (New York City Jewish persons) has shifted away from supporting current US President Barack Obama to presumed future US President Mitt Romney. Apparently their ideals went out the window when the financial pain came home to them and made enough of a hurt for even billionaires to cry a little.

"Marxism schmarxism, I want my money back!"

Rhode Island just approved in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Meanwhile, legal Americans have to pay more than twice as much to attend lousy Rhode Island schools. Well, until they sue, because there is a federal law which says that any state which offers in-state tuition to illegal aliens must offer the same tuition to all legal American citizens, so Rhode Island is in danger of eating a big old shit sandwich once the lawyers get started on the case. So is Rick Perry's state of Texas.

Rhode Island college students

The US House of Representatives, led by Republicans, has asked Planned Parenthood to submit to the exact same level of financial scrutiny as all other American institutions receiving federal tax dollars. Feminists, quite predictably, are throwing a giant hissy fit over it. How dare anyone hold the feminist high altar to the same standards as everyone else! Why, they have never documented a single thing since 1969 and they don't plan to start now. We're just supposed to trust them.

Trust me, you bastards!!!

Don't Hate

A white woman living in a mostly black South Carolina neighborhood has been the victim of a few hate crimes since she began flying the Confederate flag on her front porch. Not surprisingly, not a single thing has been done about those crimes, or a single arrest made by the US Department of Justice, because hate crimes against white people, males, heterosexuals and Christians don't count in Washington, DC. To the honky woman flying the flag, it simply symbolizes her heritage and the heritage of her family. To politicians, it symbolizes an excuse to throw rocks at her and stir up hatred prior to every election.

Not registered as a sex offender

An old man in Massachusetts, where feminist women sued for the right to go topless, went nude while washing his car. Predictably, a woman complained and he was arrested. He was sentenced to one year probation and ordered to register as a sex offender. Excuse me, but does anyone remember what sex offender registries are actually for? Exactly how does going nude qualify a person as a sex offender, while cutting off a man's dick or grabbing and crushing his balls because you are mad and want to hurt and humiliate him sexually does not? Who is being protected by this lifetime sex offender registration requirement for this man? I don't see Lorena Bobbitt's name on any registry. And if she isn't a sex offender, no one is.

Also not registered as a sex offender

Anyway, that's all I have to say at this point.

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