Loonies On the Path - LIV - Ass in a Shitpile

So you are obviously in a pissy mood. Any time someone gets on the parkway and goes as slow as you, piling up cars behind them, it means trouble. But when one of the cars stuck behind you moves to pass, and you get angry and speed up to prevent them from getting by, that's a big red flag. You are a shit.

When that car passing you is me, I don't give a damn if you suddenly sped up just to block anyone from passing. I'm passing you anyway. You already demonstrated that you are going to be a problem. Speeding up merely to prevent a pass only reinforces my impression of you as an asshole looking for a fight with random strangers.

And once I have passed you, if you glue yourself to my ass like a new bumpersticker, as you did, so that when I speed up to well over 20 mph faster than you were going before, this cements it for me that you are just a cunt looking to create trouble for everyone else and then laugh at how upset the rest of the world is as a result of you being in it. I have no respect for people like that. And I believe I proved that to you.

Just for the record, and to make sure that you don't console yourself in being defeated by me in your own passive/aggressive traffic game, excessive slow speed is illegal. So is speeding up to prevent a pass. And so is tailgating so closely that you couldn't even read my license plate because you were so close that our cars were nearly joined together.

And when I suddenly slowed for the turn at the off-ramp, you very nearly did join our cars together. You also tried to pass me on the shoulder, which didn't go well for you, apparently.

And just think, as angry as you no doubt are right this moment, it was all your own doing. This was your game. You insisted on playing it with whomever came along. It was just your misfortune that the person who came along was me. I grew up in a house with a mother who played those stupid games in traffic every single day. I learned all the tricks just from listening to her talking to herself as she battled every male driver on the road out of some feminist rage. When I turned 16 and got my own license, I learned through trial-by-fire when all my mother's feminist friends played those same deadly games with me. I nearly died as a result of one of them, and it would have taken her and her children with me. She didn't care. But then that's how passive/aggressive cunts are. They don't care if they kill innocent random people in their quest for vengence against the world as they rage along in traffic. All they care about is making the world a much worse place for everyone.

I would like to point out, at no time did I exceed the speed limit while dealing with you. And also, at no point did I fall below the speed limit by more than 5-10 mph, except while stuck behind you, at which point we were barely moving at all. And yet you were all in a tizzy trying to force me to play your game and potentially get myself killed for your perverse pleasure. You went from 20 mph below the speed limit to exceeding it by a good bit when you moved to pass me in the interstate. I didn't stop you from passing me. But I didn't let you get in front of me, either. 5 lanes you had to choose from, but when you saw that you were not going to be able to get directly in front of me without making more than the slightest effort, you threw a fit and got right back on my ass. 70 mph and you were no more than 6 inches from my rear bumper. I could have easily hit my brakes and killed you if I'd wanted to. You would have been sandwiched between my car and the truck behind you.

You are a stupid ass. If the police saw what you were doing they might have pulled you over and given you a ticket for driving too close. I forget how many points that is on your license, but its a lot more than a speeding ticket. Do you know why? Because it's more dangerous than speeding. So is driving too slow and blocking people. In fact, driving too slow and blocking people is one of the top causes of fatal accidents in the US. So you are pretty much a cunt every way you look at it, aren't you?

Yes, yes indeed you are.

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