The Car

I had planned to try to record some video, edit it, and then dazzle you with my awesome skills making a video. But it turns out my best video editing software is on a computer that hasn't been working right for awhile now. Also, my skills aren't that great. Also, Blogger has changed something or other and really hosed things up. So to hell with the video. Here are some photos that my dealer sent me of my new car.

So there it is. I started off looking for blue with white stripes, no sunroof, and an automatic trans. That was just about impossible to find. Then I looked for just blue or red or black with the same specs. Then I test drove a silver one with black stripes. But it was just too expensive. Then I nearly bought a solid black 2012 model that was pretty much everything I wanted. But personal issues intervened and I had to let it go. Just as I was giving up and about to buy a Mustang, this one showed up in my search. It had just arrived and hadn't been in their database for even one full day. I called and said "ship that to Memphis. Here's my credit card info." A week later it was here. I drove it, bought it and took it home. It's mine.

I never expected this search to take so long. I never expected it to be so hard to find what I wanted at a price I could stomach. Man, these things are expensive. Or at least to me they are. In my lifetime I only ever saw my father buy one brand new car, and that was when I was a little kid and it was sort of an emergency situation. From then on everything was at least 10 years old. Every car he bought was a great car, but 10 years old or older. And every car I got after I started buying my own wasn't much newer. In 1995 I bought a used 1988 truck. I was already driving a 1971 Chevy. Many years later I bought a 1990 truck. Periodically along the way I went through various vehicles, all old. The only semi-new car I bought was when my significant other was very sick in the hottest part of summer and the air conditioning went out in her favorite car. Other things were wrong and the total cost to fix it up was more than I thought the car was worth. So I bought her a car that was maybe 3 years old. We thought that one was expensive. But it was nothing compared to this.

So, I've got it. I've got my SRT8 Dodge Challenger with 6.4 liter 470 horsepower V8 engine, automatic transmission and no sunroof. When I went to pass a diesel truck on the interstate I pushed the gas a little harder than I meant to and the car just took off. It's faster than I thought. And it's comfy the rest of the time. And it's mine.

Mission accomplished.
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