Sunday Night Rambling

So I haven't been asked to join any Fantasy Football leagues this year. And the season has started. So I'm taking this to mean that I'm not going to be asked and not going to play. This has thus far resulted in my having very little interest in football. The season is young, but I've already skipped 2 Dallas Cowboys games and for me to do that you have know that I'm just not that into it. Right now the San Francisco 49ers are taking on the Detroit Lions and I'm blogging instead of watching. All I've noticed is that Mario Manningham from the Giants is suddenly a 49er. Vernon Davis, a star Tight End, is also a 49er. I was thinking he was a Redskin last season, but I can't remember. And even though I have easy access to Google and could find out, I don't care. Davis and Manningham on the same offense is going to be a problem for opposing defenses.

I have something big to tell you and show you just as soon as I can get some good software for downloading video from my camera and editing it. I used to have a great Sony Viao PC with loads of video software on it, but suddenly it quit working so now I'm screwed. I have a new PC, but it lacks any video editing software. Any recommendations? What do you use?

So I'm blowing money out my ass lately. I'm trying to buy myself some happy. I think maybe the next big purchase needs to be a hooker. Yeah, but there aren't any hookers out here in The Boondocks where I live so I guess that idea will just have to wait.

I went for a jog yesterday. It was nothing special, just a slow, steady slog, complete with damn dogs chasing me and a little yapper that tried to bite my ankles, but I did surprisingly bad at it. After my little run my legs felt like two sticks of rubber. I could barely walk. I have gotten ridiculously weak and pathetic.

I didn't even realize that a full year had passed since I decided that I wanted to attended the Toronto International Film Festival, but apparently it has. I discovered this after missing it last year and then suddenly I'm hearing from people who are there now that I missed it again. To me it feels like a week went by between the two. I can't believe it's been a full year and I missed it again.

So, some quick opinions that I just want to lay out there:

Man-made global warming is bullshit. The promoters of this stupidity are dogmatic religious fanatics who won't even allow debate on the subject. Someone should stuff their heads in a freezer and slam the door on them several times until they fall unconscious. And then we can begin debating.

There is no war on women in any Western nation. There is a war on men and boys, and has been for my entire lifetime. Crimes against women and girls are less than one quarter as prevalent as crimes against males of any age in the United States. And they are decreasing. Our law enforcement and politicians simply don't take crimes against males seriously. If you look at how Western women are treated and live in a historical perspective they are the richest, most powerful, most privileged human beings that have ever lived. But politicians and other scam artists (communists) have found women to be especially susceptible to this specific kind of emotional manipulation through deception and so are using it to gain maximum political advantage. There have even been studies conducted recently that found that for some odd reason Western women are drawn to stories about women being hunted and preyed upon by men. There is something about it that excites them and causes them to seek out more stories of that sort. The fiction is now considered a fact in political and legal circles even as the real facts show it to be a huge and malicious lie that literally costs men their lives.

Our government is using our tax money to limit the amount of water we are able to use in our own showers. The tyrannical EPA ordered all manufacturers of showerheads in the US to place restrictors in them, making them spray with too little pressure so that it is extremely difficult to rinse all the soap out of your hair. Meanwhile, this same bunch of EPA global warming religious communist fuckwads have mandated that ethanol be produced in large quantities and mixed into our nations fuel supply, ruining it. Ethanol production wastes billions of gallons of clean drinking water per year. It creates shortages of drinking water. And these same assholes tell us that we shouldn't be permitted the freedom to take a decent shower because we waste too much water? Talk about arrogance and hypocrisy! Fuck the EPA!

Random crap I said elsewhere and am now repeating here:

A poop delayed is a poop denied. Don't schedule two meetings and then just roll from one into the other assuming no one needs a break.

According to TV, bigotry against white males, especially if they're wealthy, is not only acceptable, but even good. What happened to NoHate?

Do you think women wouldn't have been in the Olympics if not for Title IX? The rise in levels of women's athletics has been global, not limited to the United States, the only nation with a Title IX and the only nation pretending that it was politicians who created women's athletics and not athletes and coaches of both sexes. The greatest effect of Title IX hasn't been increased women's athletics, but decreased athletic opportunities for male athletes due to government quotas that eliminated male athletic teams, even when female athletes protested the elimination of their male teammates.

"When you look for the bad in mankind, you surely will find it." Some people make their living doing this, lobbying for laws based on it etc

If my life were any more fucked it would be a prostitute.

Q: What do you call 2 guys fighting over a slut?
A: Tug-of-whore

Arctic sea ice makes the best margaritas.

Joe Biden speaking to the crowd in Tampa is alleged to have ended with "Ich bin ein Tampon!"

Too many M&Ms, too much sugar, has my head spinning like a teenaged boy backstage at a Victoria's Secret show.

After the USSR fell Russia adopted the red, white and blue of the USA. After Gore lost to Bush the Democrats adopted conservative blue and their obedient Press assigned communist red to the Republicans. Hardly anyone noticed the switch, but it is very significant. One of the most consistent traits of a malignant sociopath is that whenever they are cornered or just plain beaten they will try to reverse important details in exactly this manner. Beware of those who do this. They are dangerous and evil.

I swear I'm close to the end of Little Red Riding Hood. I believe we're on chapter 300 now, right? Something like that. Yeah, sorry about that. I decided the direction the story should go before I started, but I had no idea that fleshing the story out would take so long. The funny thing is, if I decided to try to make a real novel out of it, I'm sure the whole thing would be maybe 50 pages, if that. Anyway, I guess a blog isn't the place for writing short stories, eh? I mean, if it's longer than a single post then it's too long.

Wallander is on. It's a series about a Swedish detective. I think I'm going to watch it.

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