My Canon Rebel!

How many years ago was it that I said "I need to replace my 35mm Canon Rebel with a new digital Rebel? My blog is about 8 or 9 years old and I think it was nearly that long ago when I said this. It was back when Stacy the Peanut Queen was blogging and Leesa the awesome photographer was active every single day. It was back in the days when we wrote at least one blog post per day and blogging was exciting.

Well, Wolf Camera is going out of business. I know this because they sent me an email telling me so. First the email said "Everything 20-40% off!" I saw this and thought about going by. Then I received another email. "Everything 30-50% off!" I wasn't able to go that same day, but I went today.

I finally got my digital Canon Rebel. It's the T3i model. I was only realistically looking at the T3 model, which is a good camera, but near the low-end. The T3i is around $200 more. I had looked at it, thought about it, thought about all the other things I needed to spend my money on, and never gotten any of the cameras.

My niece, meanwhile, bought the top of the line Rebel, a $3200 masterpiece of a machine. You can't shoot a bad picture with that thing. It is AWESOME!

Still, $3200 is out of my price range for a camera. She let me use it from time-to-time and I loved it. But it's a Ferarri and I'm more of a Chevy kind of guy. I mean, money-wise I can't do a Ferarri of cameras. She is a professional so she can justify the expense. I'm not and I can't.

But today I walked into Wolf Camera and said "how much is that one, the T3?"


"$400? That's all? How much is the better one, the T3i?"

"$600. It's marked down from $800."

Hmm, I just bought something very expensive last Friday. I still have to pay that off. I really shouldn't buy this. But I've been wanting it for 8 years. I've needed it and not had it and so ended up using a keychain 2 megapixel camera and then later my cellphone for all these years. This is the best deal I'm ever going to get.

So I bought it. Yeah, this is my excitement for this week.

Now, just wait until I tell you about the other thing I bought last Friday that has me so broke today.

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