Little Red Riding Hood - Part 9

Red sat staring at her TV screen blankly, her mouth agape. Brandon's televised trial was turning into a circus as the judge quickly lost control of his courtroom following Brandon's gay revelations. People were yelling and running back and forth. The judge was sitting impotently behind his bench holding his gavel in mid-air, unsure what to do. And Red was in utter shock.

"Brandon is .... what?!" she stammered aloud. "No, he isn't. I know he isn't. I mean, I don't know know, but I would know if he was ... no, no, no,  no, he can't be gay." she battled with the thought.

Red was alone in her bedroom. She had turned on the TV to watch the trial after swearing to all her friends that she wasn't going to watch it. It was a farce, a political ploy by a corrupt administration and everyone knew it. She had declared her intention of boycotting the entire televised circus trial in protest of the injustice of it all. And yet here she was, television turned on and tuned to the trial. It hadn't been on for all of 15 minutes before it was over. Chairs began to fly in the courtroom. Black-clad soldiers charged in with weapons drawn and then the network cut away to an ad for President Obama's reelection campaign. Katie reflexively hit the mute button on her remote and turned away.

"He can't be gay. He just can't." she said, fighting back tears of confusion and disappointment. Her cell phone, which was sitting on the end table beside her bed, was buzzing frantically with incoming text messages from her friends who were at school. Clearly they were watching the trial in their classrooms and immediately tried to reach her about what had just happened. She didn't want to answer any of the messages. She didn't even want to acknowledge to herself what she had just heard.

Meanwhile, inside the White House, the President was already on a video conference with his wealthy overlord, George Soros. Inside the Oval Office with him were Attorney General Eric Holder and senior advisor Valerie Jarrett.

"Mr Soros," the President implored "this is turning into a nightmare. The election is less than 2 months away and all of my supporters are marching in the streets protesting against each other. I need them unified in a war against the white male capitalists and middle class exploiters of the poor. How are we going to turn this into something useful for my reelection now that our gift horse has kicked us in the teeth with his admission to being gay? We'll have to let him go at this point."

"Let him go my ass!" Mr Soros interrupted. "We're not letting anyone go. We're going to tear a page right out of the history books and follow it like a script. Don't release Brandon. Let the gays march in the streets. Let them scream out loud and long. We want more of that. In fact, we want a lot more of that. We want to stir this boiling cauldron until the streets are flowing red with rivers of blood. And then we're going to strike a fatal blow to our enemies that they can't do a damned thing about."

"How in the hell are we going to do that?!" the attorney general blurted out.

"The first thing you're going to do, Eric," Mr Soros commanded "is to go and arrest Katie Reidenhausen. And make it as ugly as possible. We don't want the feminists to grow tired of marching and protesting. We want to light a fire under their fat elderly asses and bring out even more of them into the streets. We want them as mad as hell, like they used to be. We want them bombing network news vans and shit like they did back in the 1970s, blowing things up, setting fires, shooting at people who disagree with them, the way they used to do."

"I don't mean to be rude, sir, but I don't see how ..." the president stammered.

"Just listen, it'll all make sense in a minute. Send in your presidential police with a midnight no-knock warrant and kick the Reidenhausen's front door down. Drag the girl and her entire family outside in their underwear kicking and screaming. Make a big production out of it. Make sure the whole world sees the spectacle of this rich white girl and her rich white parents being dragged across their perfectly manicured front lawn by their balls, being thrown into the back of a police van, and hauled away to a jail nobody even knows where. No knock warrants are blatantly unconstitutional, and we have Republican former president George Bush Sr to thank for them so that's something we can use to piss off people on both sides at the same time. The feminists will be boiling mad over the girl's humiliating arrest. But so will middle class white people, those fucking Republican Nazis. We want them marching in the streets, too. We HAVE to get them out into the streets. The Right has to be enraged enough to go out into the streets and protest. This is essential. We also want to send a message with this arrest to our political enemies, those fucks donating money to the Tea Party and Mitt Romney's campaign. We want them shitting their shorts with the knowledge that you could do this to them at any time for their support of your opponent, and that you will do this. The importance of their silence will come into play later, after you call off the election."

"Call off the election?!" the president, attorney general, and senior advisor all ejaculated in unison. 

"Yes, you are going to so enrage the most emotional and easily manipulated groups of useful idiots that they riot in the streets of every major city. These mild protests you have now aren't enough. We need cities burning. We need our socialist soldiers who are already in the streets to start shooting their guns. But it would help if they had someone to shoot at. That's why it would be good if we could get the Right to get out there and protest, too, so that our soldiers have targets to focus their rage on, bodies to beat and burn. Once the blood starts to flow, you are going to declare a state of emergency. You are going to declare Martial Law. I learned this from watching Adolph Hitler back when I was a Hitler youth. This is how he avoided getting tossed out of office, except he used other countries as his lackeys. You're just using your own citizens instead. But it works the same. Hell, Abraham Lincoln did it, too, declaring war on the Confederacy after they legally seceded from the Union. It wasn't about slavery. It was about power and his need to retain it. He suspended habeas corpus, threw American citizens into concentration camps when they dared to criticize his extremely unpopular war on the southern states or just disagreed with him in general. He was a master of this sort of shenanigan. But so am I."

"Lincoln had concentration camps?!" the attorney general said in disbelief. "How did he get away with that?"

"Because he suspended habeas corpus, you idiot! He made himself a king who could do anything he wanted without being limited by laws. That's the whole point here. That's how we're going to manage to call off the coming elections and keep our grip on the White House as well as the Senate and Supreme Court. We can only do this for so long before the military rises up and overthrows us, so we'll have to move fast once we put this into motion, but we can make almost all the fundamental changes to this country that we ever wanted during that time if we just move quickly enough. By the time we finally permit another election, no one will have the means to run against us. And our control over the vote counting will be absolute by that point, so we'll always win no matter how the people vote."

"You are a fucking genius!" the president exclaimed with obvious excitement.

"You're damn right I am." Mr Soros responded. "That's why I'm one of the richest and most powerful men in the world, and yet almost no one even knows who the hell I am. I'm your invisible god."

At 2 a.m. the following morning Mr. Reidenhausen's "Neighborhood Watch" alarm went off. Mr. Reidenhausen leaped up from his bed, looking into the computer monitor on the table next to his bed which had suddenly turned on to show what was setting the alarm off. A stream of black SUVs were speeding around the turn from Briarcrest Avenue onto Shady Grove. Intermingled with the SUVs were black Humvees and a few Ford Crown Victorias with push bars welded to the front. There was no mistaking what this convoy of black was all about. They were coming for Red Riding Hood!

"Katie, get up!" Mr Reidenhausen shouted at the top of his lungs as he flew across his bedroom and out the door, sprinting down the hallway to Katie's bedroom. He burst in the door without slowing down. "Katie! Get up! They're coming! Where is the bag I told you to pack?" he shouted at a very startled Red Riding Hood.

Red had been sound asleep when the sound of the alarm began echoing throughout the house. She was having a dream about Brandon and the wedding they would one day have together. The dream felt sad now, but it was a dream she had had many times over the years since back when she was a little girl.

Mr. Reidenhausen didn't wait for Red to reply. He threw open her closet and yanked out the suitcase he had given her to pack. It was heavy enough that he knew she had obeyed him and packed weeks ago. He gripped the suitcase in one hand and his daughter's arm in the other as he dragged her out into the hall. "Hurry, Katie, hurry!" he ordered.

Outside Red's window she could see a bright light shining down on the front lawn from above. A helicopter could be heard hovering up out of sight. Just as Red's father pulled her away she caught a glimpse of a black Humvee crashing through the gates to their driveway. Her heart jumped in her chest as she began to fully comprehend what was happening.

"Dad, they're coming!" she screamed and leaped ahead of him, now almost pulling him along as she headed for the back staircase.

"Go, Katie, go down into the storm shelter, just like I told you!" Mr Reidenhausen commanded. They both sprinted down the stairs, through the kitchen. Then through the laundry room. Then out into the garage. There, embedded in the concrete floor, was a steel door just behind where Mrs. Reidenhausen's Range Rover would normally be parked. It had been moved into the driveway while the Mexican men had worked on a plumbing problem which Mr. Reidenhausen said they had accessed via the storm shelter. Mrs Reidenhausen had been out of the country for months promoting Mr. Reidenhausen's security software to various foreign governments and companies and so had no idea that her shiny black Range Rover had been shoved out into the driveway for several weeks. Birds had greatly enjoyed targeting the shiny high-gloss British vehicle with their poop.

Outside the garage, the Reidenhausens could hear the Obamacops running all around outside the house. Inside, they could hear their front door being smashed in and soldiers charging in, military boots thundering across the entryway floor. Red Riding Hood's heart began pounding like galloping hooves inside her chest as her father threw open the door to the storm shelter. Red flew down the metal steps, suitcase in hand, and deep into the shelter, with her father running after her. He shut the metal door behind him as he entered. Red thought it a shame now that it didn't have a lock.

Down at the bottom of the stairs Red came face-to-face with a dead end. There was nowhere left to run from here. She glanced momentarily at the supply shelf mounted against the back wall. The usual bottles of water and canned goods were there. Only they seemed different somehow, more neatly arranged. She hoped that the police would be too stupid to realize where they had gone and not look for them down in the shelter.

She turned to her father, heart hammering in her chest with panic, and said "What now, Dad? What do we do now?!"

"You run, Katie" he said to her, and he bent over and kissed her on the cheek. Then with his right hand he reach out and gripped a can of beans on the far right end of the middle shelf. He turned the can in place like a doorknob and Red heard a "click" sound. Then the entire shelf and wall behind it opened up as one, like a large door, revealing a dark tunnel.

Above, stomping military boots could be heard. Soldiers were coming into the garage. Katie was looking up towards the sound of the stomping boots when her father took her and pushed her inside the dark tunnel. As she stumbled inside she thought she saw a tiny speck of light somewhere far away in the darkness. She turned back to look at her father.

"Run Katie, run for your life!" he exclaimed, as he pulled the door shut, leaving her all alone in the pitch black darkness.

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