Blogger is FUCKED UP

I've just wasted over an hour that I can't afford to waste trying to write a new post here on Blogger. Everything is totally fucked up. At first I thought it was me, but after trying 3 different browsers there is no escaping the conclusion that Blogger itself is completely hosed. If this continues I'll be moving to Wordpress. So fair warning, I've already set up a blog over there and may have to move. I can't waste hours trying to write a basic post only to have Blogger itself fuck it all up. I just don't have the time to spare anymore.

One other thing I really want to bitch about, because it's a dark and rainy day and I am apparently in a cranky-pants mood today: My droid phone won't retrieve my fucking emails from Yahoo. I KNOW there are new emails in the inbox. I tell the phone to download them. It thinks about it for awhile and then says "sorry, there are no emails."

Yes there are. There are a shitload of emails. Go and get them, you fuckhead.

"Sorry, there are no emails."


Other times, it'll tell me I do have emails, but when I open them it won't show me the body of the message. In other words, it says "Oh look, you have emails!" And then it refuses to let me read them.


OK, so that's the day I'm having. Blogger fucked me and now my phone is fucking me. To be fair, the phone has been doing this for awhile. Blogger just started. I hope they're both wearing condoms because I don't want to get AIDS while these assholes are fucking me over.
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