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I went to lunch at my usual place. I couldn't decide if I wanted to take my food and drive home to do a few things before returning to work, or just sit down and eat it there. As I was heading towards the door, a relatively attractive woman in sweats came in.

I decided to eat it there.

As I sat at a table, facing the line of people, I noticed that the woman paid some attention to me, here and there, and some attention to the guy who came and stood in line after her. It was nothing dramatic. Women are rarely obvious. But it got me curious.

And besides, what else was there to do while sitting alone eating a sandwich?

A beautiful 20-something girl in skin-tight jeans came in with her mother. My attention immediately shifted. Would I get any reaction from her? She was really impressive. Her mother wasn't bad, either.

Ah, here and there, just bit, she stood and posed her ass in front of me, apparently enjoying some guy-reaction from me, or so it seemed. I tried to be subtle, but hell, I'm a guy. How subtle are we when staring at a 20-year-old's ass? Not so much.

She and her mother took their time getting their things together. She stood with assets out in the middle of my line of sight, where I could easily see, while talking to her mother. Then they slowly left. She watched me watching her ass out of the corner of her eye.

This was fascinating stuff. Not bad at all.

An older woman came in, reasonably attractive, but probably in her 40s. She was far less subtle than the 20-something girl. She spoke to me from across the room. I spoke back. We said a few things and then had nothing more to say. She went and sat down at another table, facing me.

Just then, a Blonde-haired, blue-eyed college girl came in, wearing a Univerisity of Memphis sweatshirt and tight jeans. She actually paused to look at me for a moment as she entered, then turned to look outside, and then went up to stand in line. Another, very unattractive woman came in and stood with her. They talked about medical things as they ordered. The girl seemed to move her butt around a lot, which acted like a waving red cape to a bull for me.

After they had gotten their food, the girl stopped and stood in front of me while talking to her very unattractive friend. They talked for quite awhile and as they did so, I noticed that the beautiful blonde girl was always standing facing me. I tried to act as if I didn't notice. Eventually, they moved out the door and stood outside.

Ah, here's the real test.

The blonde girl then stopped just outside the door and talked some more to her ugly friend. As she did so, she turned, once again, to face me, so that her friend, and I really appreciated this, had her back to me.

Just for the heck of it, and to feed my own fatigued ego, I got up and left. As I walked past the beautiful girl, I took note of what she did.

She turned towards me as I walked past and kept turning with me as I walked all the way to my truck. Even as her friend began to walk away and say 'goodbye' the girl walked backwards, talking to her departing friend and still facing me.

Do I smell like pussy today? Is there money sticking out of my pants pocket that I don't know about? Is there something in the air? Should I buy a lottery ticket today? Is there something unusual or impressive about a man in black pants, black shoes, and a blue button-down shirt? What's up with this?

Whatever it is, I'm damn happy about it. I wish it was like this every day.

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