Pillow Talk

My Wife was being a butt. We were supposed to be going to bed. She was already in the bed, reading a book. I was going in and out of the bathroom, brushing my teeth and doing all the fun and exciting things people do prior to going to bed. Each time I left the bedroom My Wife would throw my pillow into the floor and then start giggling.

"Cut it out!" I protested through mounds of toothpaste foam, as I picked up my pillow for the hundredth time and put it back on the bed.

"Hee hee hee hee!" she replied unrepentently.

No matter where on the bed I put my pillow she would always managed to send it flying into the floor. I even put it at the very end of the bed on my side, but she slid her foot under the blankets and kicked it off and onto the floor.

Finally I had had enough. So I did what any normal, college-graduated, scientist-type husband would do.

I pulled my boxers down just enough to explose my ass. Then I walked calmly around the bed to her side. She ignored me, to her great regret, as she did not see my exposed ass coming her way until it was nearly too late.

"Ugh, don't put you ass in my face!" she cried, as she simultaneously tried to push me away and herself backwards towards the center of the bed.

Having failed in my attempt to press my baby-soft buttcheeks against her smiling face I paused momentarily, examining my options.

Then I sat my bare butt down on her pillow, wallowing just a bit to make myself more comfortable as I sighed audibly. "Aaaaah, this is comfy!"

"GET YOUR ASS OFF MY PILLOW!" she protested like Jane Fonda.

Quickly she jerked the pillow out from under me as I climbed off of it. She turned it around and around until even I wasn't sure which side had once had my bare ass on it. Then she tossed it to the end of the bed while making an unhappy face.

"Aren't you going to sleep on it?" I inquired.

"Ugh, no!" came her pouty reply.

"Just flip it over," I suggested helpfully, ever the problem solver.


So I, feeling that I had no choice but to assist her in this crisis, grabbed her pillow and began wrestling with her as I tried to press it over her face.

"You can't sleep without your pillow," I reminded her helpfully.

"Augh! Get that away from me!" she protested as she struggled with her fluffy soft ass-smelling pillow.

Finally she grabbed the pillow and yanked off the pillow case. She threw it in the floor like a dirty diaper. Then she plopped her pillow down in its' place on the bed and laid her head on it.

I reached over and turned out the light.

"Hee hee hee," giggled My Wife in the darkness.

"What's so funny now?" I inquired apprehensively.

"I farted," she bragged. "Hee hee hee." ......... "Ew, it's a stinky one, too."
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