Merry Christmas - part IV

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For those of you who have switched to Blogger Beta, especially those of you named Kami, I seem to be disallowed to comment on your blogs. Apparently it has something to do with the fact that I have just been invited to switch to Blogger Beta, but haven't done so. Whenever I try to comment it asks me to enter my login and my Google/Blogger password. But since my Google account and my Blogger account hasn't been merged, I have no single unified password. Below the login it says I can use my Blogger password. And I do. But it refuses to accept it and let me post my comment. When I search the Blogger page for an email address to use for bringing this problem to Google/Blogger's attention, I find nothing. Those fuckers are hiding from me.

I had to go to a Microsoft convention yesterday afternoon. It was a kind of introduction to the newest tools coming available to developers who use Microsoft's products.

The convention was small, and oddly located in the Malco movie theater, room number 16. In the lobby, where we had to sign in, it was an odd sight. There was a mixture of normal people, mostly young and attractive, who had come to see actual movies. And in the midst of all of them were scattered random computer geeks, mostly badly dressed and wearing glasses.

Computer geeks have a tendency to buy all of their shirts one size too large. I don't know the reason for this exactly, but I used to do it myself without even realizing it. Some computer geeks are grossly overweight, I realize, so the thought of them wearing an oversized shirt means little. But for the most part, your average computer geek is reasonably thin and utterly lacking in muscles. And almost every single one will be wearing a shirt sized extra large. So it just hangs off his shoulders like an afghan, with the short sleaves ending somewhere between his elbow and his wrist, the collar much too large for his skinny neck and making it appear even thinner and more pencil-like. When he tucks it in there is excess shirt hanging all over the place, totally obscuring his belt.

The first thing I noticed was that there was a large number of Indian men there. That's usually the case, but it's always a good indicator that I've come to the right place. There were maybe 2 black guys. And all the rest were white guys.

Oh, there were 3 women. One was Indian and looked to have recently had a child. One was white, blonde, and good looking enough to capture the geek attention. The third woman was an Indian supermodel. Her name was Medulla. Seriously. OK, she may not model, but she could. She was tall and slim and the best looking person in the room. Her apparent boyfriend was a tall Indian guy who appeared to lift weights a lot, probably out of necessity to keep the white guys off his woman.

What we discussed would put most mortal bloggers to sleep. Suffice it to say it was a lot of information about how far behind I will soon be, as if I weren't already trying to catch up in a world in which a C and Unix programmer trying to switch to Microsoft has a great deal of hurdles to leap in the first place. I'm still in the final stages of converting an application someone else wrote into "modern" C# and Visual Studio 2003. If it passes testing and goes into production I have to immediately begin reconverting to Visual Studio 2005, making use of whatever new features are available to improve the performance of the application and make it easier to support. I've been doing Microsoft for almost 2 years now, only just now getting to look at Visual Studio 2005. And just as I get here what do they do? They call me to a conference to tell me about the new shit I will have to learn.

I'm so excited.

So, for the guys who have been working in Microsoft's world for years and years, this is great stuff. They were very excited. For me, still climbing the mountain of new information that I have to learn and master in order to simply do my job, this is a mountain to climb, located just behind the peak of the next mountain I was about to climb.

I nearly died this morning on my way to work when my clutch mysteriously popped while I still had the pedal pressed, sending me launching out in front of a large SUV and stalling my engine. That was just the beginning of my day. I'm hoping it doesn't get worse from there, but we shall see.

And now, as you may have expected, I must go poop.
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