A Bit Discouraged, Really

Hamilton Island

Well, I didn't make the final cut. It's no surprise really, but I had hoped that through some miracle I might get past the incredible odds and make it to the final 11. They've chosen their final 50 and from what I've seen, the final group is made up entirely of professionals. I'm proud to say that I know one of them, so I'm giving my vote to her. Christine Estima has been on television before. She was in a survivor show which I must confess, I never saw, but she's worked in television in other areas, too. When I first saw her video I was surprised. I was expecting more flash and effects, but now that I've made my own I realize how smart she was. She got in every single requirement they asked for within the 60 second limit, which is much more difficult that it sounds.

So anyway, I'm out. I won't be going to Hamilton Island, not without winning the lottery and paying my own way. I guess it's back to hitting up internet friends for a spot on their couch or, heaven forbid, paying to fly to Australia and rent a place near the beach in $ydney. As a consolation, I discovered just the other day that I have a friend who lives and works on Norfolk Island. She said I was welcomed to come stay awhile at her place if I felt so inclined. She's a fellow blogger, so you know she's no crazier than the rest of us. Sure, it would be nice to get paid $100,000 for snorkeling in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef while living in one of the world's finest resorts, but you can't have everything ... dammit.

And now for something ... Tasmanian

Ah, Tasmania!

By the way, I'm blogging over the Burt's Mustache tomorrow. Do me a favor and come see me. I need all the support I can get.
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