Misandric Monday - Just Random Shit That Bugs Me

Feminist Marriage

Ever since my first memory, many of the women around me, and especially the teachers at school, were pushing the claim that discrimination based on sex is sexist, and therefore wrong. They said it was always wrong. There's never any excuse. Men are pigs, some of them said. Men oppress women, and that is why men are pigs.

Funny thing, all the while they were saying this, they were pushing for the government to discriminate against males. They were pushing their hatred of males in the schools. They were teaching the girls to hate the boys and to discriminate against us. And the government gladly embraced this view, writing it into our nation's laws.

So, sexism is wrong. And girls should hate boys. And the government should discriminate against males. And discrimination based on sex is wrong. It is always wrong. There is never any excuse for it. And the government discriminates, because women demanded it, but only against males. Which is sexism. Which is wrong. It is always wrong. There is never any excuse for it.

So women are encouraged to be sexists. And the government is sexist. But it's OK. It's only wrong if men do it.

Hating Whitey for Fun and Profit

So, ever since I was a little kid, black people were screaming that they are oppressed and discriminated against by white people, which is racist. And discrimination based on skin color is racism. And racism is wrong. It is always wrong. There is never any excuse for it.

Segregation, they said, is wrong, too. It is always wrong. There is never any excuse for white people to separate themselves from others based on skin color. It is racism. Racism is wrong. Racism is always wrong.

They demanded that the government discriminate against whites and favor blacks. And the government, of course, complied, despite the fact that it was a minority of voters asking for it against the wishes of the majority, which violates our laws. Despite the law, the government did it.

Later, black people demanded segregated beauty pageants, segregated school graduations, segregated proms, government protections for all-black segregated colleges even as partly white colleges were fined for not having enough blacks. And they got it - all of it. No whites allowed. But whites can't have this. Because that would be racist. And racism is wrong. It is always wrong. There is never any excuse for it.

In their churches, where they claim to worship a God of love, they preach hatred of white men. They spend the entire service preaching about slavery, which ended 150 years ago and affected not a single living soul today. They preach about the chains around their wrists and ankles, even as they ignore the fact that there are no chains. They wave a book of Love and preach a message of hate, a hatred based on skin color, which they say is wrong, always wrong, and there is never any excuse for it.

So black people are encouraged to be racists. And the government is very, very racist. But it's OK. It's only wrong if white people do it.

Oprah Didn't Get It

Feminism - putting the 'ug' in ugly since 1848

Whenever feminists are defending the sexism inherent in feminism, they say 'historically, women have been oppressed.' Historically going back how far exactly? I mean, all of my life the law has mandated discrimination against males and prohibited any discrimination against females. All of my life is pretty fucking historic to me. But they ignore this inconvenient truth, skipping past it to claim 'there is a war on women' and 'all men are rapists and that is all they are.' They insist that there is a secret 'epidemic of violence against women' even as men are targeted in over 80 percent of all violent crimes. Apparently 80 percent is not an epidemic, but 20 percent is.

Whenever anyone asks for evidence of this 'war on women', the feminists either quote statistics from other feminists, all of which have been proven false many, many times over, or else they talk about women in other countries, poor, backward, non-Western countries, which has not one thing to do with our own society.

Sometimes they claim that all women are victims of sexual abuse. Then they chant, quite accurately, 'there is no excuse for sexual abuse.'

And always, like a machine following a hard-wired program, they go from these extremist and false claims to screaming about how they love when men and boys are sexually abused, when women attack men's testicles, when women cut off or shoot men's penises, when men or boys are severely injured in the testicles and cry in agony. They brag about teaching their daughters to kick little boys in the testicles and hurt them in the worst possible way. They brag of encouraging little girls to attack little boys 'where it counts', which is, of course, sexual abuse.

But there is no excuse for sexual abuse.

Unless the victim is male. Then it's OK.

Sexual Violence - it's not abuse when women do it

Am I the only one who has noticed that those people who scream and protest the loudest about sexism are usually the biggest sexists of all?

Am I the only one who has noticed that those people who scream and protest the loudest about racism are almost always the biggest racists of all?

Am I the only one who has noticed that those who condemn 'hate' and constantly wag their fingers and preach at everyone different from themselves about how wrong it is to hate, and how hate cannot be tolerated, and how the government needs to create special classes of people who are protected from hate while other classes, different from themselves of course, are not protected from hate, are the biggest haters of all?

Am I the only one who has noticed how the Western world has gone completely insane, embracing a philosophy of pure destruction? We are dominated by fanatical religious haters who cannot rest unless they are screaming their hatred at the rest of us, telling us what to think, feel, and say, all the while working feverishly to destroy all things good and right and true? And all they ever do is hurt people while smiling and making excuses for their hate.

Am I the only one who has noticed?

Hate - it makes bad ideas seem good

'Reverend' Jeremiah Wright says, "Goddamn America!"

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