Tagged for a Meme - Stranded on a Deserted Island


The Blonde Goddess has tagged me for a meme. I wouldn't do it, but she's blonde. I'm a sucker for a blonde.

And boobs.

And generally women with either of the aforementioned features.

Or both. Especially when they have both.

But enough about those naked photos of her on my cell phone, let's get on with it.

It begins like this...

My 401k

"Your ship has sunk. You have, of course, been stranded on a deserted island.

You have salvaged a copy of the King James Version of the Bible and a copy of the complete works of Shakespeare. Nothing else.

The very next day you find one of those Arabian Lamps in the sand. Of course, you rub it and, of course, a rather grumpy Genie appears.

Grumpy Genie

"Let’s get this straight - there is a recession going on. There are restrictions on the three wishes now. I don’t do water or air transport now so no boats, planes or magic carpets. As for electronics, forget it. There isn’t the infrastructure on this island."

"I can let you have one book and I mean one VOLUME, one essential item and one luxury item. Now hurry up and make your choices, I have to get to those five other islands with the people you are going to nominate."

Alright, so here we go:

For the book, I choose ...

Bob Harris' A Handbook for Wilderness Survival

Hey, I'm no Boy Scout. There's all kinds of shit I don't know. I might have to eat bugs or figure out which plants are poisonous and which are God's gift to mankind. This book is gold. I'm a fuckin' genius here.

For the essential item, I choose ...

The Ultimate Survival Blast Match Fire Starter

The Blast Match generates a stream of sparks three times the heat of a standard match and easily will light any material (wood, paper, bark, cloth, or man-made fire starting tinders) that a match will ignite. You can accurately aim the sparks to ignite a roaring fire in any weather conditions. It doesn't need lighter fluid, propane, butane, and supposedly never wears out. Kick ass, baby!

For the luxury item, I choose ...

... my island, Hamilton Island

I'm not asking to be transported anywhere. You can bring the damn island to me. If it has to be deserted, that's fine. Just tell everybody else to get the hell off and go home. It's mine now, along with everything on it. The pool, the chairs, the hotel, the scuba shop and gear, the yacht, everything in the kitchen, every single damn thing, is mine.

So there you have it. That's what I would wish for. You might even want to come visit me on my deserted island. If you do, and you can't find me, I'm probably out snorkeling. Or maybe I'm in the yacht. Just hang out in the lobby and I'll show up eventually.

And now I have to tag 5 people to do this meme, too. So here I go.

I tag:

Compulsively Yours Obsessively Mine

Sam Simply Less So


Miss Honey Smack

Sweet Cheeks

So there you go. You know you're impressed with my awesomeness. Now let's see what all you got to say.

Ooh, and before I forget ...

Italian Spiderman: episode 2
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