Things to Think About - The Media, The Courts, and Karma

Our News Media At Work

According to The News Media, the 75 percent of Americans who support the traditional definition of marriage are not "traditional marriage supporters". No, not at all. According to our illustrious Press, anyone who supports the traditional definition of marriage is a "gay marriage rights opponent".

Also according to this same Press, anyone opposing the redefinition of marriage is an opponent of 'equal rights'. The problem with this accusation, and it is an accusation, is that under current law every American has the same exact rights regarding marriage. Each American has a legal right to marry one member of the opposite sex at a time. No American has a legal right to marry one member of the same sex, multiple members of any sex, an animal, or anything other than one member of the opposite sex.

The Press argues, "but gays don't have the same rights because they can't marry the one they love." The fact is, the law doesn't give anyone a right to marry the one they love. If it did, I could sue Jessica Biel in court and demand that she be legally required to marry me because I am deeply in love with her fine, fine ass. But as I myself do not have a legal right to marry 'the one I love', I cannot compel Jessica to marry me. And neither can any of you. That's what 'equal rights' means.

According to The News Media, anyone who supports Abortion is not 'pro abortion'. No, that would make too much sense. According to the grrlz of our news media*, abortion supporters are 'pro choice'. That sounds so much better. It's so much more marketable. It wins over people who have no clue what any of this is about. It doesn't even mention abortion.

Obviously, according to this same News Media, anyone supporting life and opposing abortion is never 'pro life' or 'pro child'. In fact, they're not 'pro' anything. Hell no. They are 'anti-choice'. That sounds so evil and hateful and mean. You could sell gloves to an armless woman with marketing like this. And, some say, that's the whole point.

According to The News Media, anyone supporting the 2nd Amendent to the U.S. Constitution which guarantees the right of the people to keep and bare arms is not 'pro 2nd Amendment' or even 'pro gun rights'. No, they are 'gun nuts'.

Not surprisingly, according to these same Media professionals, anyone opposing the 2nd Amendment and the right of the people to keep and bare arms is not 'anti 2nd Amendment', 'anti gun rights', and certainly not 'anti choice'. Oh hell no, they're supporters of 'responsible gun laws'. But just try applying any of their 'responsible gun laws' to abortion and watch their reaction.

"A waiting period? What? Women will use coat hangers and die!"

According to The News Media, the Democratic Party, which is America's Socialist Party, is the 'progressive' party. Their ideas, even when outdated or just plain backwards, can never be wrong. Anyone who disagrees with the Democratic party about anything is not 'Independent', 'Libertarian', 'free thinking' or anything like that. No, they are 'regressive', as in backwards, ignorant, and unintelligent.

According to The News Media, the Republican Party, which is America's most useless, do-nothing party, is evil and bad and entirely owned by Big Corporations. The fact that American Corporations donate to the Democratic party over the Republian Party by a ratio of over 2 to 1 never enters into this argument. The reason is because most people in The News Media don't understand math. Or economics. Or how a representative government works. But one thing they do understand, and understand well, is the power of words to label people and their views in order to distort the truth and alter perceptions.

*grrlz of the News Media - I'm including the men of the media in this expression. I think that's fair. It's also very feminist and 'progressive' of me. They should congratulate me.

Dwight Pannell

Dwight Pannell, of Columbus, Ohio, has been charged with voyeurism, assault and criminal trespass. His bail has been set at $75,000.

Is he a rapist? Did he try to shoot his wife in the back with a shotgun as she slept Mary Winkler style? Did he molest a child? Did he break into a home and attack someone?

No, he sprayed a woman's shoe with water in the library.

What?! Noooooo! That sick vicious bastard!

Pannell's attorney argued that the alleged actions don't warrant the charges against him.

Apparently the courts in Columbus, Ohio, have absolutely nothing better to do because they're going forward with the case.

Sharon Stone's bad karma

Sharon Stone is preparing for a starring role on "My Name Is Earl". She recently stated that she believes China's massive earthquake is the result of "bad karma" and recommended that the Chinese government make a list of all the bad things it has done and then go and make up for every single thing on that list in order to get good karma again.


Her remarks were eerily similiar to remarks made by Reverend Jerry Falwell following the 911 attacks on the World Trade Towers in 2001. Miss Stone has since been dropped from Christian Dior ads set to appear in China and forced to issue an apology.

The Chinese Press, though, is not letting her off the hook. They have publicly declared Miss Stone to be the "public enemy of all mankind."

Many of her fellow entertainment professionals agree, but not because of what she said about China's karma. They just think she's a crazy bitch.

And now for something completely different ....

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