Kiss My ... wait ... what? I've won a major award!

Maddy has been kind enough to award me a "Mwah" award. Now, I could take this one of two ways. It's either a "kiss my ass" award, or else it's a friendly kiss blown from the hand, sort of Marilyn Monroe-style.

I believe I'm supposed to take this award and pass it on to others, whom I might blow a kiss to if I had the chance, as opposed to just outright molesting. So, to start things off, I award a "mwah" to:

Stacy the Peanut Queen, a blogger who has been there for as long as I have, and who always entertains us even on days when she thinks she's not being entertaining. Everyone loves Stacy. She's all the way down in Florida, so I can't kiss her in person. Thus I have to send her a "mwah".

Steph of Much Ado About Sumthin', who agreed to marry me so that I could quickly and easily obtain Australian citizenship. She is by far the most popular blogger I know and also the most lustily desired by both men and women, which is kind of freaky if you think about it. She is also the most frequently attacked and mocked by the jealous types out there in blogland. Even so, she always maintains a sharp wit and fashionably hot looks, all the while continuing to make us all laugh and wish that we could hang out with her in person.

The Kept Woman, a righteous Texas hottie, transplanted against her will to the cold, cold frozen wastelands of Wisconsin, where snowmen shiver and shrinkage is the official state flower.

Leesa, another Texas hottie transplanted into the frozen tundra of Montana, who has taken the opportunity to show us all what amazing work she can do with a camera.

Liquid Illuzion, a gorgeous and highly talented Mississippi woman who is having a rough year and needs some love. Ya'll do me a favor and send her some love, would you?

Krista of Oceanaria, a gorgeous Canadian girl with all sorts of talent and plenty to say. She has a cat that plays piano with her and you can watch it on YouTube.

Dixie, crazy white woman living in Atlanta and trying to survive. It ain't easy, but so far she's kicking ass and taking names.

TiggerLane, Arkansas hottie and Texas Aggie. I'll forgive her for the Texas Aggie part, but only because she's special. I don't do that for just anybody.

And there will likely be more that I add to this later today. But for now, I need coffee. And to poo. For any of you that I neglect to add to this list, I apologize. I am swamped right now and barely keeping up here. I plan to come back and add more to this, but I don't know if I'll ever get the chance. Also, so many bloggers I would have included have recently walked away from The Blog, and we don't know if they're ever coming back. This makes me sad and has helped put me into a funk. The funk isn't helping me blog any, either, as I try to come up with things to say, only to find myself thinking about the lost bloggers. I need to update my blogroll. I need to drop some bloggers who are long gone. But for whatever reason, I just hate to do it.
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