The Wall Street Journal Attacks for Hillary

WARNING: political commentary and excerpts from actual piece of political propaganda in this blog post.

I may not have the black vote, but I got the gay vote

The grrlz of the Wall Street Journal are absolutely freaking out over Hillary's failure to stomp out the Black Usurper, so they've broken out the big guns. They've hired a hitman named Jonathan Kaufman to write an inflammatory piece intended to enrage all the women who aren't voting for Hillary by trying to convince them that this whole thing is a white male conspiracy. I won't post the entire article, because it's boring, but I'll go over a few highlights with a little commentary just for fun.

The title of the article is "White Men Hold Key for Democrats". Right away, I was asking myself, "what the fuck are they up to? Neither political party will acknowledge white males at all, and now a Leftist is? What gives?"

So let's take a look:

"In a Democratic presidential nomination race that pits a black man against a woman, the victor may well be determined by white men.

The working-class white men who toil in the steel mills and auto plants here are part of a volatile cohort that has long helped steer the nation's political course. Once, blue-collar males were the bedrock of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal coalition. They became "Reagan Democrats," helping to propel Ronald Reagan into office in the 1980s. Bill Clinton won many of them back to the Democratic Party in 1992. Two years later they were "angry white males," resentful of affirmative action and the women's movement, who helped Republicans capture Congress.

Hmm, it didn't take even two full paragraphs for him to slander us as "angry white males", a bigoted phrase used exclusively by the haters among the Hard Left who couldn't figure out what went wrong in 1994 and wanted blood in revenge for their losses (as always.) And his explanation as to why white males voted the way they did in 1994 is as insulting as he could make it, accusing the white males of being "resentful of affirmative action and the women's movement", as if either of these subjects were ever even mentioned in 1994, as opposed to the nationwide screaming about giant tax increases and radical 'social programs' they funded. I guess when all you have is a big Marxist hammer (how appropriate), everything becomes a damn white male capitalist nail.

"Now this group of voters is set to help determine the Democratic nominee, and the next occupant of the White House. Working-class white men make up nearly one-quarter of the electorate, outnumbering African-American and Hispanic voters combined. As the Democratic primary race intensifies, some of these white men are finding it hard to identify with the remaining two candidates, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama."

Never before have I heard or read of anyone in the Press or anywhere else, for that matter, acknowledging that white males make up such a large percentage of the voters, and that we might actually be of some value or influence if ever given a candidate who will stand up for us. The problem is, we haven't been given such a candidate, not ever.

"Blue-collar men could also emerge as an important swing constituency in November -- either backing the Democrats' eventual nominee, or shifting to some degree toward Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, whose war record and straight-talking approach could make him appealing to many working-class men.

Marc Dann, Ohio's Democratic attorney general, frets about the reluctance of some of these blue-collar Democrats to embrace either of his party's candidates. "I worry about [the appeal of] McCain," says Mr. Dann, who lives in Youngstown. "It's not like watching an episode of Archie Bunker -- but there are real issues" that white male voters here have with Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama.

Notice how the perception from the hard Left is that any white male who doesn't support their candidate is something out of "an episode of Archie Bunker", a preachy, rather bigoted show that hasn't been on TV since the early 1970s. And then he comments that "there are real issues", as if anyone not voting for Clinton or Obama is clearly just not educated enough on the issues and must be ignorant and prejudiced. This assumption is, of course, unchallenged in the article.

"Working-class men are generally defined as those without a college degree, including union members and workers with service and technical jobs, typically making less than $50,000 a year. They are especially crucial in Ohio, where they make up about 28% of the vote, as well as other battleground states including Michigan (about 27%), West Virginia (33%), Missouri (27%), Minnesota (27%), Pennsylvania (27%), Wisconsin (29%) and Iowa (34%).

In Youngstown, many working-class men say they will vote according to issues, especially economic ones including health care, free trade and the loss of manufacturing jobs. But in conversations in union halls, bars and factories, race and gender are never far from the surface.
at least, not in the minds of a radical religious fanatic from the Church of Progressive Political Correctness, where race and "gender" are all that anyone ever thinks about, and hate is everywhere they look, if only because they themselves are so filled with it.

"I don't think the country is ready for a woman president yet," says Duane Tkac, a burly vocational instructor at a prison here and a member of the local branch of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union. "The country is in too much turmoil. I don't think she can handle the pressure, the terrorists." He plans to vote for Sen. Obama."

It must have taken a long, long time and lot of free alcohol to ply a statement like this out of old Duane here. I've never yet heard such a statement from any white male and I've been one my entire life. Either that, or true to the patterns of the journalists on the self-righteous side of our progressive media, he just created this guy and his statement out of thin air.

Ah, but what a perfect statement for inflamming women, eh? What a great way to stir those young, educated girls who have chosen, despite the best efforts of elderly New York feminists to force them to 'choose' Hillary, to instead vote for Obama! Those ungrateful fools! But what a work of pure propaganda genius! Goebbels would be proud! This is reminiscent of the great Time magazine issue of the late '90s entitled "Is Feminism Dead", which was nothing more than a piece of a carefully orchestrated membership drive by the wealthiest female supremacists in Media and the Whitehouse at that time, and which was quite successful.

Why no one reads Time anymore

"Don Pompelia, retired from the Air Force, supports Sen. Clinton. "I'm hoping Hillary gets the nomination. But if she doesn't, I'm not voting for that guy. I'm going Republican," he booms as he picks up his morning coffee at McDonald's. "There are going to be a lot of people crossing over to the Republicans because he's black.""

Ah yes, despite the goal here, Mr. Kaufman just couldn't restrain himself. Even though it's Democrats he's talking about, they are, after all, white male Democrats, and thus must still be pure bigots, subhuman dogs, the only group of Americans who are guilty of sexism or racism, and the only group that anyone is allowed, even encouraged, to HATE. The inclusion of this comment is interesting in that it seems to distract from the goal, which is to stir up women to vote for Hillary. He's off track, but perhaps he can't help himself. He's no doubt spent a lifetime writing propaganda claiming all white males are racists. How can he just stop now that he has a black presidential candidate, even if Obama is the enemy?

Not Hillary

And now, Mr. Kaufman fires his ultimate weapon of "gender war" destruction, and it's a tired one:

""For a lot of blue-collar guys over 40, Hillary Clinton is a poster child for everything about the women's movement that they don't like -- their wife going back to work, their daughters rebelling, the rise of women in the workplace," says Gerald Austin, an Ohio political strategist."

Oh, THIS is why so many people don't like Hillary! It's because of the wives going back to work, daughters rebelling against .... something, and the rise of women in the workplace. That must be it! It's perpetually 1973 and those damn women don't know their place. Where's my leisure suit? Did you iron my tie, bitch? My Ford Pinto won't start, dammit. Did you hear about Karen Carpenter dying? Damn that Richard Nixon and this quagmire of a war in Vietnam! I'm so out of touch! I'm a Marxist baby boomer living in the past and all I know how to do is slam on The Man. Thank God the Wall Street Journal will still hire me.

It couldn't POSSIBLY be that white males, black males, and women who don't hate males, dislike Hillary because she's a misandric sexist bigot, representing the most extreme fringe of anti-male hatred and legislated oppression, as well as an icon of all the misandric sexual violence and abuse encouraged in every segment of society, where castrating a man or a boy is celebrated as some sort of heroic deed.

It couldn't possibly be that Hillary's ideas and campaign promises don't resound at all with white males, or most anyone else, especially those old enough to remember her health care disaster of the early '90s.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the vicious slaughter in Waco, Texas that her hand-picked Attorney General, Janet Reno, orchestrated with both Clintons' full approval.

It couldn't have anything to do with the memory of armed soldiers kidnapping Elian Gonzalez at gunpoint in order to send him back to a communist Cuban prison while the Clintons claimed, quite unconvincingly, that they did it for fathers' rights, something they never mentioned even once before or after that shameful day.

It couldn't possibly be that Hillary herself is such a stiff, arrogant, cold-blooded cunt that virtually no one actually likes her, and that those who do support her for President are simply doing so precisely for the very reasons they complain that others don't - simply because she's a woman.

No, that can't be it. It must be Archie Bunker and his carefully scripted sexist and racist rants from long, long ago. That must be it. It can't be that both men and women alike dislike Hillary Clinton because Hillary Clinton is so incredibly dislikeable.

This, clearly, has never occurred to the Wall Street Journal or anyone from the aging Baby Boomer Left, who see their own resistance to Obama, not as a reflection of their own personal racism, but as a symbol of their loyalty to "crushing the Patriachy" and with it, Archie Bunker, a character portrayed by an actor who died many, many years ago, but who in their minds lives on for as long as they do, because he and his prejudices are inside of them, and they just can't admit it.


Mr. Kaufman wasn't satisfied with this, though. He was getting paid by the word. And anyway, he wanted to try to do more damage. He wanted to fire more shots at his Straw White Man. He wanted more work in the future. So to try to put a polish on his turd he wrote this:

"Mr. Leihgeber, the steelworker, says he supports Sen. Clinton for her experience and positions. He carries a book bag to work every day with his lunch and a newspaper inside and a Clinton button pinned to the outside. Some days, he says, he turns the bag around so the Clinton button doesn't show; he says he doesn't like dealing with his co-workers' derogatory comments. Mr. Leihgeber says he wouldn't be heckled so much for an Obama pin.

"People don't want to speak out against Obama because of the fear of being seen as racist," he says. "It's easier to say you want to keep a woman barefoot and pregnant....You can call a woman anything.

Mr. Leihgeber, a steelworker, carries a bag with giant Barbie pink pin on it featuring the face of Ellen Degeneres, er, I mean Hilllary Clinton, every day. And the big mean bullies call him names for it. From this he concludes, according to Mr. Kaufman, that they wouldn't think him such a big, whopping pussy if he were for Obama. "Barefoot and pregnant," he says, an expression that hasn't applied to anyone in America in generations, but which fits perfectly with the arrogant view certain self-righteous feminist women's studies professors, some of whom claim to be male, maintain of anyone who dares to disagree with them.

I see this pathetic man being stuffed into his locker every day during lunchbreak. I see wedgies. I see him sitting alone, a misfit, completely unable to comprehend his manly coworkers. I see him drinking a diet Coke while everyone else has a beer. I also see him single, because no woman wants a man like this. But again, such a misfit is perfect fodder for an article in support of Hillary. He's a dream come true.

Momma wanted a girl - and practically got one

"In national polls, white men overall have been more favorable than white women toward Sen. Obama. In a survey done in September by Pew Research, white men overall gave Sen. Obama more positive ratings than did white women, in categories including whether he was tough, smart, friendly and honest. In the same categories, white males gave Sen. Clinton consistently lower marks than white women did.

For some women, that confirms that sexism runs deeper than racism among many men. "My mother, who was the first woman lawyer in a big D.C. firm, always said that blacks got in before women," says Caryl Rivers, a professor at Boston University who supports Sen. Clinton. "Then the white guys figured everything had gone to hell anyway, so they might as well let the women in."

The best part of this statement is the admission that more women are favoring Hillary, while more men are favoring Obama. He only notices the part in which men's opinions are suspect, of course, because that's all he wants to see. Nevertheless, anyone who looks closely can see that the results of the Pew survey could just as easily indicate sexism among the women as it could among the men. Of course, sexism by women is supposed to be admirable and good, to be encouraged, and this may be why Mr. Kaufman failed to mention it.

Mr. Kaufman also failed to break down the results of the Pew poll by age, because doing so would likely show that among women under 40, Mr. Obama is the preferred candidate, completely obliterating the claim that everything is all about sex and race.

Caryl Rivers' statement, claiming blacks "got in before women" is simply a statement of pure ignorance. There have been women in Washington for a very, very long time, something the Marxist feminists don't care to acknowledge because it interferes with their worldview in which women are simply oppressed and locked out by a magical patriarchal 'glass ceiling'. Then again, Miss Rivers, and I'm quite sure it's "Miss" and not "Mrs", teaches at Boston University, so it's quite understandable that her views are totally whack way out in left field.

Not voting for Hillary

"For some white men here, Sen. Obama's appeal is that he is different from many black leaders they have seen in the past. "The guys I work with, they know Jesse Jackson and they know Al Sharpton. They call them all sorts of terrible things," says Robert Hagan, a locomotive engineer and a state representative, referring to these politicians' sometimes-inflammatory rhetoric and focus on black causes. "They don't talk about Obama like that.""

"Sometimes-inflammatory rhetoric"? Wow, that was generous! Yes, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do engage in "sometimes-inflammatory rhetoric" from time-to-time. And so do many of the journalists at The Wall Street Journal, apparently. Still, calling the things Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton say "sometimes-inflammatory rhetoric" is like saying that Adolph Hilter was sometimes mean.

Rememeber Tawana Brawley!

"At a Teamsters hall here, a dozen burly men in gabardine jackets and baseball caps gather over coffee and overstuffed donuts for a union meeting of prison workers. "There is a misunderstanding that older white guys aren't going to vote for a black man," says Jim Marcum, a job counselor at the prison. "That's not true." Mr. Marcum says he voted for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. This time he plans to vote for Sen. Obama. "He's a breath of fresh air."

Natalie Grant, a black woman who works with Mr. Marcum at the prison, walks in and grabs some coffee.

"You really voting for Obama?" she says.

"Yes," says Mr. Marcum.

Ms. Grant laughs. "I knew there was some brother in you," she says. Mr. Marcum smiles."

Here is an entire conversation that Mr. Kaufman and the entire hard-Left simply cannot comprehend. The idea that white males might not be voting based on sex or race is simply inconceivable to someone who has spent their entire life embracing a religious and political belief system based entirely on self-righteous arrogance and vitriolic hatred entirely focused on sex and race.

'Surely there must be some veiled meaning to this conversation. Surely they must have been oppressing her somehow. This just doesn't make sense. How come we don't have any black, er, African American friends we can talk to like that?'

Hmm, that's a big mystery.

"Across town, 14 steelworkers brought together to talk about the election say they predominantly supported Sen. John Edwards before he dropped out of the race. Now 13 of them say they are leaning toward Sen. Clinton. They praise her experience and toughness in withstanding the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Former President Bill Clinton remains enormously popular here, with many blue-collar men saying that they like the fact that he would be in the White House as well.

"I think she has the right person in the bedroom with her," says Joe Marion, who works at the local prison.

Bwa ha ha! Oh, I nearly peed myself laughing at this one. Bill doesn't even live with Hillary anymore. They separated long ago. That whole pretense is over. There is only one pretense left, and Hillary has even danced carefully with the idea of admitting to that several times.

I don't think so

"Both Sen. Clinton's and Sen. Obama's campaigns say race and gender shouldn't be a consideration"

Oh reeeeeally? Then why are there so many articles and commentaries everywhere, such as this one, trying to encourage women to vote for Hillary because she's a woman? How did that happen, I wonder, if race and sex aren't going to be used by their campaigns and supporters as an issue? Oh wait, I remember how this works, she has her people do it while she pretends she's NOT doing it. I had almost forgotten how that whole thing is done.

All they ever think about is sex

""I think if we nominate one of these two, we are talking about McCain as president," says Bob Rodkey, a firefighter who doesn't like either candidate but plans to vote for Sen. Clinton in the primary. "I talk to a lot of my Democratic friends and they are going to cross over in November or not vote at all. We don't have a viable candidate. Neither of them is one of us.""

It's interesting to discover that neither side, Democrat or Republican, is particularly excited about the choices. Well, except for all of those damned gender-traitors voting for Obama! Argh! Ungrateful girls!

"Mr. Rodkey says he will vote for a Democrat in the fall. He plans to urge his friends to do the same. "Hopefully they will listen to the message, and not who's delivering it," he says."

If he really meant that, he wouldn't already be saying that he's voting for a Democrat in the fall. He'd be saying he's voting for a candidate, whichever one has the right message and the right qualifications, without regard for the political party they represent, because until we all start doing that, we're going to continue getting lousy and disappointing choices like these.
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