Let's Talk About the Superbowl


So, the season is over. The Superbowl was Sunday night and it was a surprise. I'm not a New York fan, and I'm not a New England fan, so I watched the game with mild interest. All I asked was that it not be a blowout. I got what I wanted.

My Wife, on the other hand, had noticed an obnoxious cockiness from the Giants' players all season long. She doesn't like obnoxious cockiness, so she wanted them to lose. And for most of the game she was very happy.

For me, I noticed that the Patriots had a number of key injuries, players who couldn't even play that night, and players who played, but were already hurt. That's the plague of a team that wins season after season and ends up playing many more games than everyone else. It's like a race car that wins and wins, and then it starts to fall apart from overuse.

Anyway, I was mostly for the Patriots. And I expected them to win. But when Eli was being sacked by four Patriots, and all you saw was those huge defensive players in a mob around him, and then he came spinning out with them hanging onto his jersey, and he stumbled and nearly fell, only to somehow break free of all of them and throw the ball, at that point I knew the Patriots were in trouble. And when his receiver, very well covered as he was, somehow managed to catch that ball with one hand and his fuckin' helmet, pressing the ball to his own head in order to bring it down, that's when I knew this game belonged to New York.

You hear a lot of talk about the 'spirit of a champion' and I guess that's what I saw that play as. True, New York had no pressure on them. They weren't expected to win all through the playoffs. Every game they played, they weren't expected to beat anyone. No pressure can really work to your advantage when you believe in yourself, relax and have fun. The Patriots, they had that undefeated thing going on, like the Colts 2 seasons ago. And they had all those previous Superbowl wins. They were 'supposed' to win. That's never fun. It's just a big weight on your shoulders.

Tom Brady's cute little albatross

And also, Tom Brady had Gisele Bundchen up in the skybox, yelling his name in that raspy, annoying voice of hers. That had to be a distraction. That had to be really annoying. I know it would have annoyed me. Gisele, I'm sorry to say, I've always thought was the sort of girl that you fuck her brains out and then run like hell because she's SO annoying when she talks. It's just my opinion. Take it for whatever it's worth. I think Tom was better of with Bridget Moynahan, but what do I know? She might be a psycho, too. But she brings in more blog hits than Gisele, so I'm a little biased.

Don't get me wrong. If I weren't a total nobody, and I were throwing a party, I'd invite Gisele. She seems like the sort of girl who bounces around a room and lights up a party. It's when there is no party and it's just you and her alone, and she's not naked and ready to go, that I think she'd drive a person up the wall. And again, this is just my speculative, unprofessional opinion. I don't even think I have Gisele on my IDH list, and for God's sake, I have Jennifer Lopez on there, albeit with the disclaimer that I'd run like hell as soon as she fell asleep. But nevertheless, she's on there. Gisele, I'd need a few drinks, until her voice became nothing more than a mild buzz to me. Then I could add her to the list.

So, it's settled then. The Patriots lost because Gisele Bundchen is somewhat annoying and hyper. And also because so many women are mad at Tom for breaking up with Bridget Moynahan while she's pregnant, and you know he could feel all that negative energy coming from them up in the stands. And the Patriots cheerleaders, cursing him and spitting as he ran past at the start of the game. That didn't help any, I'm sure. Women are mean like that sometimes.

And also, the Patriots players going down with injuries in the second half, that probably hurt some.

The Catch

But mostly it was that catch. They're calling it the "Miracle Catch" now. It was that catch that sealed the Patriots' fate. Because God saw that and said, "Holy crap, that was cool as hell! You guys deserve to win after that play!" And they did win. And it was good. If you like the Giants.

And also it wasn't a blowout. 17 - 14 is a good score, a competitive score from a close game in which nobody ran off with the whole thing and left us all yawning. I didn't yawn at all during this game. I did duck once, when My Wife threw something at me for not being upset that the Giants won. But no yawning. It was a good Superbowl. It had an exciting ending. I'm glad I watched this one.

Oh, what was up with the Patriots' coach running out onto the field and shaking hands and then running off with 1 second left? Surely he knew the game had to finish before they could leave? I mean, I know he was really upset and he had been under tremendous pressure, but that was some wacky shit right there. Poor guy.

"How in the hell did he catch that fucking ball?!"
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