Memphis Steve's TV Show Reviews - The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Fox has a new show out. It's based on the final Terminator movie and is called "The Sarah Connor Chronicles."

The show takes the last Terminator movie, where Arnold the Terminator is programmed to protect John Connor from other terminators, and an evil female terminator shows up to try to kill John, and simply reverses the sexes of villian and hero.

Why would they do that considering the movie was a smash hit and made millions of dollars?

Can you say shameless pandering and blatant ego stroking?

The show now has weak and small John Connor, a white boy who still needs his mother and is thus nonthreatening. Also, John's super mother, Sarah, a sexy middle-aged fighting superhero bitchy woman who is really what the show is about, and is completely different than the near-insane Sarah Connor of the movies. And of course the 'good' terminator, a young, single, sexy girl close to John's age who is superior in every way and indestructible. So, a weak, helpless, nonthreatening white male, and 2 superior and very violent females who are also sexy and perfect.

The villian, of course, is the inferior white male terminator killing machine whose only reason for existing is to give Terminator Girl and superhero Mom a ready-made white male villian to beat up over and over again, while John clings to them like a baby on a nipple.

All other white males in the show are there for the grrlz to beat up and generally demonstrate their superiority to through extreme verbal and physical abuse.

The only other male with any real role is FBI agent James Ellison, a very politically correct black male who is, of course, also a superhero, but not quite as super as the girls, because you know even being black he still has to be inferior to all females to some degree. He gets to beat up various bad white males, too, but for the most part he's just there for Sarah to possibly fuck later on so the show can add some sexual tension without resorting to John Connor having sex with the female robot. Not that they won't resort to this later on, should they run out of ideas or the uber-geeks responsible for this shit get a hard-on for the idea. After all, a loser boy having sex with a sexy girl robot is the epitomy of sci-fi geekdom.

The target market for this show is obvious: middle-aged single moms who dislike men, young single women without children who dislike men, black men who want to date white women and dislike white men, and the immature, nerdy young white boys who are accustomed to being treated like shit by both girls and black people and have learned to dislike themselves.

This is a key audience because, you know, there are no other shows or movies in which all the women are superior and sexy and beat up all the white males, and white males are either inferior and non-threatening or else purely evil and only fit for violent and often sexual abuse.

Oh wait, yes there are.


I give this show 2 stars out of a possible 5 simply for the two women being good-looking. But I subtract one star for all the villians being white males and the only strong male character being black. It can't get any more vomitously politically correct than that unless the black guy is also gay. And if they introduce a super perfect lesbian couple into the show somewhere along the line I'm taking away the one remaining star and replacing it with one turd out of a possible five turds, meaning the show is so bad that everyone involved deserves to be shot.

josh friedman
Producer Josh Friedman
fat girlie man who probably pays hookers to abuse him and lives with his Jewish mother
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