Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It ....

It was unseasonably warm these past few days. But a cold arctic wind has been blowing in for the last 4 hours, dropping our temperature from 70 degrees Farhenheit to a lovely 32 degrees, with a 35 mile per hour wind, giving us a wind chill factor of 19 degrees.

As I came home from work and walked in the front door of my new house, I felt the wind whipping me hard, as if trying to push me over. It was bending the trees and swirling the leaves like little brown missiles. All my neighbors' garbage cans, once lining the curbs neatly in preparation for garbage day tomorrow, were laying upside down in the ditch, their contents blowing down the street and escaping off into the woods beyond.

And all around me, swirling and wafting down onto my lawn like long, rectangular snowflakes, roofing tiles are coming down with a WHOMP from the top of my 6 year old house.


* Reporters say the wind was recorded above 55 mph at one point. Several 18-wheeler diesel trucks have blown over onto their sides while hauling loads down the highway this evening. People have had trees come down through their roofs and join them in their living rooms and bathrooms. Thirty thousand Memphis residents are currently without power. Even so, I am pissed about the roof tiles blowing off my house. Yes I am.
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