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Bottle Blonde recently asked Steph of Much Ado About Sumthin' how she does it, how does she blog for so long and so well without burning out. Shortly after, she posted that she was taking a break from blogging, either permanently or perhaps she'll be back, but she hasn't decided. I know how hard it can be sometimes, but even so, it makes me sad.

Even worse, Steph has said she is quitting after 500 posts and nothing is going to change that. She's almost there, so if you haven't been reading Much Ado About Sumthin', then you are really missing out and you are about to miss out for good. When she goes I will cry.

Here in the U.S., the presidential race is in full swing. On the Left, all the feminazis are falling over themselves talking about how Hillary "teared up" when asked a totally unemotional question which had absolutely nothing to do with the answer she gave, "it's hard. I cry not for me, but for the country." Yeah, I cry for the country, too, because all of our choices are so lousy. The future looks mighty dark at this point. Even if Hillary were to lose, which isn't likely considering the money and unscrupulous political machinery behind her, the other choices aren't exactly a God-send.

Hillary lost the Democratic primary in Iowa recently. Those in The Press who dislike her (Obama supporters) immediately predicted that she was doomed. All the polls showed her destined to lose in New Hampshire, the next primary, and if she did then it would be almost certain death for her dream of castrating America in 2008. But a funny thing happened, citizens of New Hampshire reported seeing an endless stream of cars pouring in from Misandrychusetts, the most feminist, misandric, and shamelessly sexist state in the entire United States of America. No one living in Misandrychusetts is legally eligible to vote in the New Hampshire primary, mind you, but as I said months ago, the feminist political machine has long been prepared to violate every law in order to get their way. They do it all the time because no one ever holds them accountable. The law simply isn't applied to feminists. So the flood of illegal voters swung the primary to Hillary. No one in the news has said a word about the illegal invasion. Instead, Hillary's supporters in the Press (the Wall Street Journal) are declaring that America has spoken and demanded Hillary Clinton over Obama. There is a reason the citizens of New Hampshire HATE the citizens of Massachusetts and vice versa, and this criminal tidal wave, forevermore to be known as Hurricane Hillary, is just one example of WHY.

The Cowboys played the New York Giants in the first round of the playoffs last Sunday. I am a Cowboys fan, so I was interested in this game above all others. I was impressed with their game plan for the first half. It was amazing. They beat on the Giants' defense with run after run for 10 long minutes, ending in a touchdown. And then their defense, apparently covering the New York receivers via email, stood waaaaay back and let Eli Manning fly down the field with pass after pass and score a tying touchdown in under 60 seconds. I couldn't believe the lousy coverage and total lack of tackling. But it only got worse in the second half. New York's defense, now tired, was ripe for a passing attack, something Dallas has the capacity to do well. But Tony Romo, the golden boy of Dallas, mysteriously went apeshit and insisted on throwing hail Mary bombs to the endzone, all of which were way off target, instead of throwing completions to his talented tight ends and simply getting the needed first downs to drive down the field and win the game with a single touchdown. When he got pressured, rather than throwing the ball out of bounds, he'd eat it for a huge loss. Troy Aikman, former Cowboys star quarterback was announcing the game and commented that Tony wasn't exactly making good decisions. That was putting it mildly.

The stock market is having hot flashes. Clearly it is experiencing menopause. Everyone is insane. It leaps up, then free-falls down. All the traders are clearly smoking crack. They need hormones and they need them NOW.

Yahoo's exercise of the week is called the "exercise ball crunch". I don't have the slightest interest in doing anything called a "ball crunch". Get the the hell away from me!

A new 'study' blames Christoper Columbus for bringing syphilis to Europe, killing thousands and destroying the lives of countless more. This would seem to indicate that the American Indians were as responsible for spreading plague and death to Europeans as the Europeans were for doing the same to the Indians. It's politically incorrect to say this, though, and so it's likely this study will fade into oblivion. The only reason it has received any press at all is because a woman did it. Also politically incorrect to say is that Columbus and his men managed to have sex with an awful lot of American Indian women, which would seem to indicate a lot of sleeping around amongst those "noble savages". I guess Pokehontus was well-named, eh? Hey, I can say this. I'm Cherokee and Choctaw. Shut it, white man!

I went to the gym right after posting this. While getting dressed for my workout I had the pleasure(?) of seeing my naked profile in the giant mirror. I think I need a stronger term than simply "looks like ass".

I removed my posts about my Family Christmases. If you read my blog regularly then you've already read them. If you don't then you don't even know you missed them. I don't mind sharing some of the drama that is home with my blog friends. But I don't want it out there for just anyone to find at any time. I posted it. You read it. It's done. And now it's gone. Now back to the usual fart jokes!

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