Tagged AGAIN

OK, I got tagged on this earlier and didn't even know it, so since the blogger who tagged me carries a gun for a living, and since he lives near Houston and there is a chance I may one day live nearby in the Utopia known as Austin, I will do it twice in one day.

I can hear a collective 'gasp' as I write these words. "Twice in one day? Nooooooo! He's so DARING!"

I'm on the cutting edge, baby!

5 Little Known Facts about Memphis Steve, the world's most fascinating man!

  1. I grew up in North Alabama in a city known as The Rocket City. We built your damn Space Shuttle, your Sky Lab, every missile the army has relied on since 1960, and your drone airplanes that you see on FutureWeapons (my dad designed the very first ones.) Don't talk to me about Houston and Florida and all that crap. We built the damn Shuttle and when one of them blew up they ran the blame around and around until FINALLY they decided to try to lay it on us. This was the first time we got any credit at all for all the work we did, thank you very much.
  2. I believe the death penalty should be applied to the ACLU lawyers along with their guilty clients. Yes, I know innocent men are often convicted along with the guilty, and I don't like that at all. That's why I also support the death penalty for overzealous prosecutors like the asshole in North Carolina who tried to crucify the Duke Boys. I do believe if prosecutors faced the same severe penalties for their crimes as the rest of us they might think twice before proceeding with a case based on bullshit and personal political aspirations. Yes, I know this is all a bit wacky, but what the hell, it's not as if ANYONE in politics gives a shit what I want or think anyway so I'm just shooting from the hip here.
  3. I shaved my pubes some time ago and since then I have to keep retrimming because the damn thing has turned into an overgrown monster.
  4. My feet don't stink. But my farts do. When I take suppliments for my workouts and start giving myself some lovely kidney stones my sweat starts to smell toxic, as my lovely wife so gleefully informs me because ....
  5. I have no sense of smell. I can try and try to smell a flower or your lavender hand cream or a stinky fart, but unless it is a really powerful odor I just can't seem to pick up on it. Apparently the part of my brain normally designated for smell is being used for blogging and farting or something.
Ta da! I'm the first white male heterosexual blogger to respond to two tags for the same thing from two people twice in one day! Aren't you all so excited? I'm just peeing my pants here! I wonder if I'll win some sort of "first white male hetero to ..." award for this?

Memphis Steve is so awesome!
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