Case of the Mondays

case of the mondays

It was a miserable night. I pulled the top drawer out of the dishwasher tracks as I was unloading the dishwasher. All the dishes broke when they hit the floor. Who knew this thing came out of the tracks?

The furnace is cycling. It goes on for a half a second and then off. Then five minutes later it does it again. Then finally it comes on.

My clutch was extremely spongey this morning. When I got to work I popped my hood and checked the fluid level. It's fine. What's wrong with the clutch then?

I walked in the side door. Half the women in the company were standing there for one reason or another. I walked through the middle of them all, smiling and saying "good morning" as I went. They all said "good morning" in return as they smiled.

I got to my desk and sat down. Ah, now I see why they were so friendly.

My zipper is down.
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