5 Little Known Facts About Me

This is how I dress when I'm at work

I've been tagged by Holly to tell 5 little known facts about me. So, hold on to your panties 'cause I'm the most exciting man you know and this is going to blow your mind. Or not. Mostly not. But even so, here I go:

  1. Thirty minutes ago I walked into my coworker's office and farted. Then I immediately walked out again without saying a word as he sat at his desk gasping.
  2. I've been driving the same old truck since 1996 or so. I'm nothing if not predictable and unexciting. I also still have my old green Monte Carlo from high school, which I rarely ever drive anymore. Apparently I don't ever sell cars. I just accumulate them.
  3. I don't hate lesbians. I just hate man-hating lesbians, man-hating women, and pathetic men who kiss their asses and excuse their bigotry by saying things like, "men are pigs". Some of my friends and several former coworker/friends are lesbians, but they aren't man-haters.
  4. I have no tact. Back in college I suspected a friend of mine was gay, so I said, "hey, are you gay?" And he said "yeah, mostly." It seems there were some women he found attractive, but mostly he liked guys. So we were limited to discussing the women we both found attractive with the occasional story about him trying to seduce a guy here and there. But I still preferred talking about the hot women. He had a Playboy bunny calendar up in his house just to try to fool his parents, but I think they already knew, too.
  5. Even though I've blogged about the black politics here in Memphis and the anti-white racism, the fact is that all the crime problems we've experienced in my neighborhood have come from the white rednecks living around me.
  6. BONUS: This weekend I am supposed to go visit my hometown, the Rocket City, and while I'm there I'm supposed to look at some land I want to buy. I don't even have a job offer there, but one way or another I am getting the hell out of Memphis
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