Nude Memphis Movie Review - What to Expect When You're Expecting

I had intended to see this movie in theaters, but I somehow missed it. Apparently this film is based very loosely on the book about pregnancy of the same title. Very, very loosely. The book is basic facts and stories of things that may happen. The movie is 5 different couples with 5 different routes to beginning their own families. Some are married, some are dating, one is a total oops after a parking lot hookup, and one couple has tried everything possible and finally resorted to adoption.

I'm not going to go into intricate detail about each story. I may be biased but to me the main story surrounded Elizabeth Banks and her husband. She runs a store for breast feeding products. She has written a children's book about breast feeding. Everything she's doing seems just a tad odd - a store just for breast feeding, the book for kids about their mommy's breasts - but she's pregnant herself now for the first time and she's having a rough time. She and her husband are struggling in everything. Her father-in-law, meanwhile, is a millionaire race car driver married to a supermodel younger than her who just happens to get pregnant at the very same time that she does. So when her husband tries to announce to his father that they are expecting, his father stomps on his moment with the same announcement. The contrast between them and the in-laws couldn't be more opposite, with Banks struggling with every conceivable pregnancy problem while the supermodel mother-in-law, Brooklyn Decker, has absolutely no problems at all and breezes through. Basically, the whole situation is hilarious.

Jennifer Lopez and her husband have tried everything under the sun to get pregnant. Nothing has worked. They've spent a fortune on multiple IVF treatments and none worked. They're both past being young and time is running out. Finally they turn to adoption. They have to be inspected by an adoption agent who pokes through every corner of their home, asks invasive questions, etc. They commit to moving into a more expensive place just to please the adoption agent, promise to buy a minivan, etc. Then they're told they're going to have to wait for at least a year. Something happens and they get bumped to the head of the line. A baby is available NOW. They make an offer on a house they can't afford and then she loses her job. They have to fly to Ethiopia to get the baby at their own expense. Their story is stressful, but realistic. The funny parts of this story future her husband trying to hang out with a group of dads who all meet up in the park to push strollers and talk about dad things. They have a code of silence - whatever happens in the park stays in the park - that allows them to talk freely about their wives and the hassles of parenthood without the threat of anything getting back to their wives. Chris Rock is one of the dads. This whole scenario was funny.

Cameron Diaz plays a TV fitness queen who runs her own Biggest Loser show. She makes an appearance on a Celebrity Dance Off program and ends up pregnant by her dance partner. They aren't even officially dating and their affair is supposed to be hush-hush. She doesn't know she's pregnant until the night they win and she ends up puking into the trophy on live TV. She then has to film an entire season of Biggest Loser while she herself gets fatter and fatter with pregnancy weight. She is clearly an alpha female and tries to ignore her pregnancy and power through it. She nearly loses the baby. The funny parts mostly relate to her trying to deny the changes in her body and push through things like she used to do.

This was a cute movie. It's hard to go wrong with the cast they have and Elizabeth Banks is always hilarious. The internet rankings and IMDB only gave it 2 1/2 stars. I'm not sure why. I thought it was better than that. I give it 3 stars, plus a half star for the shots of Cameron Diaz in very little clothing, a free peek down Jennifer Lopez cleavage, and Brooklyn Decker in a bikini. So the total from me for this movie is 3 1/2 stars. It had a lot of funny scenes in it. I don't expect any guys to sit home drinking beer with their buds to watch this movie instead of football, but it's a good date movie, or a chick flick, or if you just like any of the people in the film you might watch it just for them. It's a funny movie.

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