I Won Ute's Caption Contest!

Ute had a caption this contest and I won, apparently by virtue of my relentless barrage of comments. It's not that I'm so funny. It's just that I have no life and so had all day long to machine gun her into submission with my twisted sense of humor.

Here is the photo we were challenged to caption:

And my fabulous award-winning caption was "I told them I was gonna get some pussy tonight!"

Here is what she sent to me, all the way from Australia:

The 2 magazines are incredible. You would not believe how big they are compared to American magazines. They're like old copies of Life, that's how big they are. Do you remember Life Magazine? It was huge and filled with glossy photos. That's how these magazines are. I put an issue of Hot Rod Magazine next to the Brute Utes Magazine and it was embarrassing. Our car magazines have slowly shrunk over the years and many of us haven't even noticed. But apparently if we took them to Australia THEY would notice. Their magazines are HUGE.

The two post card-looking images are actually magnets with cool photos of vineyards in McLaren Vale.

The white rectangle on top of the flower card that you can't see is one of those "my family" white window stickers that you see, you know, with a man and a woman and two kids and a dog or something like that. Except because Ute knows how sad my life is she sent me one to represent my life. It's just a guy all alone with a beer in his hand. It's hilarious. I think I'm going to stick it on the Challenger.

So thank you very much, Ute! I always enjoy showing the world what a total smart-ass I am with caption contests.
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