Summing Up The Events of the Day

Casey Anthony

A Florida jury set accused child-murderer Casey Anthony free, declaring her not guilty of any of the murder charges against her. Murder - manslaughter - whatever. I suppose I'm supposed to care. But I just can't. And I've noticed that most of the rest of America seems to feel much the same as I do. It's not that we don't think she's guilty. It's not that we don't care that a child was murdered. It's just that after Lorena Bobbitt, OJ Simpson, Mary Winkler and so many other politically correct, government-protected psychopaths have gotten away with unspeakable crimes, I think most Americans have lost all faith in our entire justice system, from the genital-Tasering cops to the witch-hunting, prostitute-paying prosecutors to the masturbating judges and especially to the system that allows juries to be selected with race and sex as a clear factor such that most juries are predominantly female and thus always highly sympathetic to females and hostile towards males without the slightest regard for the facts.

I fully expected the mostly female jury to pound Casey Anthony for killing a child, as female juries only ever seem to punish women who hurt children and basically never any other time. The verdict was being read as I ate lunch with a group of friends. I said to them, "it doesn't matter what they sentence her to, because after she's found guilty, the National Organization for Women will demand a new trial in which they'll declare her the victim of some man or some bullshit temporary mental illness that renders her immune from any and all personal responsibility, just like they did with that woman in Texas who murdered her five kids ..." And then the verdict was read - "Not Guilty."

Well, that was a surprise. But only just barely. The waitresses and bartender woman were all gathered around the TV, riveted. The men were more interested in the women's reactions, whatever the verdict, as somehow women are always mad at men whenever a trial like this reaches its end, whatever the verdict. When "not guilty" was read, the women began flailing their arms around and talking animatedly to one another in an obvious rage. The men just frowned and looked down at their plates. We mumbled between ourselves that it doesn't matter anyway. She was going to go free in the end. They always do.

The saying is true, you know - "no justice, no peace." But there are evil people in this world who thrive in an unjust, unhappy world where no one believes anymore. Those people are all over Washington, DC. They even have their own branch of the Department of Justice now, courtesy of a bipartisan bill that no one even read before voting for back in the mid-1990s. They dominate the United Nations, too.

There is a leadership vacuum in the world today. And these are dangerous times to live in as a result.

IMF Chief Accused of Rape, Charges Dropped

The prosecution team in the rape case against former IMF Chairman, Strauss-Kahn, has dropped the case altogether. To see a man charged with rape, only to have the prosecutor later admit that there is no reason to believe the accuser and drop the case, is virtually unheard of in the United States today. Most prosecutors in America go on ahead with the case even when all the evidence proves that the accused man is innocent, especially in the feminist-controlled city of New York. This once powerful man was brought all the way down to his knees, rotting in a prison cell, by a cleaning woman based entirely on her say-so and nothing else. Such is the state of the current Western legal system.

When the case began to unravel, I'm sure there was a great deal of talk of continuing with the charges and trying to hide whatever was wrong with the case. Whatever else went on behind the scenes, we may never know.

One thing we do know, though, is that this man who was just a month or two ago the head of the International Monetary Fund has lost his reputation and his career to these apparently false accusations, and despite the unraveling of the case, he is not going to be getting his life back, or his job. And that seems wrong to me.

Can Man Live Forever

Scientists think they are on track to cure aging and enable us all to live forever, or at least a lot longer than we currently do. Watching endless videos of young males throwing themselves off the roofs of houses and buildings and castrating themselves on railings down below, all for the entertainment and pleasure of any girls that might want to watch, I find it hard to believe that anyone from the younger generation is going to live so long. I detect a kind of emptiness in our nation's youth that makes me think that no matter what medical advances we come up with, as long as the younger generation continues to feel the need to throw themselves off rooftops in a vain quest for acceptance, death will continue to win. But nice try, even so.

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