Nude Memphis Movie Review : Captain America

Captain America: The First Avenger is the story of 4F aspiring soldier Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, during the 1940s, when every man in America was facing the possibility of going to war, or already fighting. Scrawny, sickly, short and weak, Steve Rogers never ran from a fight, and never won one either.

A former German scientist with a super soldier formula observes Steve Rogers' extreme determination and guts and decides that he is a good candidate to become the first American super soldier. The formula was invented in Germany by the doctor before he escaped after testing it only once. That one test, though, created Nazi super soldier the Red Skull.

Steve is transformed from a short weakling into a mountain of a man with superhuman strength, speed, skill and durability. At the moment of his transformation, a Nazi spy sent by the Red Skull assassinates the doctor, who oddly enough left no notes behind enabling anyone to duplicate the formula. Thus, Steve Rogers, now transformed into Captain America, and the Nazi officer Red Skull are the only super soldiers known to exist.

From here, the excitement begins to pick up as the movie takes Captain America across the sea into the heart of World War II.

Captain America's love interest is Peggy Carter, played by a sexy British bombshell named Hayley Atwood, mostly known as a very serious and busty actress with a gorgeous face. The military officer in charge of Captain America is played by Tommy Lee Jones.

The movie is good, if somehow not exciting enough. Everyone does an excellent job at playing their characters. The special effects and 3D work very well. At one point I flinched when Captain America's shield bounced off a tank and came straight at the screen. The Red Skull, played by Hugo Weaving of elven Lord of the Rings fame, is convincingly villainous and dislikable. I can't put my finger on what specifically was lacking in the movie that would have made me give it a full 4 stars or more, but something was. I think Marvel Productions is anxious to get their Avengers movie rolling and this movie appears to be the last one standing between them and their goal of a (probable) series of comic book based movies featuring The Avengers. Perhaps that is what made it feel less than it could have been.

I have to give the movie credit for being a true family friendly film. Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwood) may be sexy as hell (she definitely is), but there is no seething nude sex scene between her and Captain America. Not that I, being an adult, would have complained if she were naked and in 3D, by any means. And despite all the fighting and war scenes, no one shot anyone in the balls, kicked anyone in the balls, punched or grabbed or stomped anyone's balls, set fire to or electrocuted anyone's balls, or did anything generally evil, sadistic, perverted and very much family hostile to anyone's genitalia at all. That's rare for an America action movie these days, but apparently someone at Marvel or Warner Brothers has noticed that movies without 'nut shots' usually make more money than movies with nut shots. So bonus points for the absence of nut shots in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

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