Friday Fun

Washington DC is playing football with our nation's future, kicking around the American credit card and refusing to stop spending even though we're broke and about to be foreclosed on. Our President claims to have a plan to deal with our massive debt problem, yet much like Nancy Pelosi's favorite health care bill, no one has seen this plan and we're told we must pass it in order to find out what's in it. In the case of Crazy Nancy's insistence that we'd have to pass the health care crime in order to see it, she was telling the truth because Democrats did all their dirty work behind closed doors, in total violation of the way our system works. In President Obama's case, no one at all has seen or heard any piece of any plan, yet the president continues to insist that he has one. It's a bit like his balls, we're expected to believe that they exist, but we see little recent evidence of that.

I'm being hit with requests to join Google+, Goodreads, Formspring, and on and on and on. For God's sake, how many internet things can I be expected to join and keep up with? I just want to turn off my computer and watch a movie, or read a good book, or go sit on a beach somewhere and relax in front of ocean waves with no phone and no internet drama.

Another Muslim terrorist hiding within America's own army attempted to execute a terrorist jihad attack on our soldiers at Ft Hood. And still our mainstream media refuses to identify him as a Muslim terrorist, just as they refuse to refer to illegal aliens as illegals and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid as a cunt.

NASA has released new information that blows a giant hole in the religious dogma of Al Gore and his church of the Sky is Falling environmental extremists who claim that global warming is a crisis and a threat to life on Earth. Far more heat and radiation is released into space than the United Nations and other environmental bogus government agents have claimed, the new data shows. But much like the discovery that freon was not causing any hole in the ozone did not reverse the EPA's ridiculously misguided restrictions on freon, and ditto with DDT, don't hold your breath waiting for this new discovery to have any effect whatsoever on the Carbon Tax proponents throughout the Western World of Wackos or Julia Gillard.

A new study has found that "Voters who watch a lot of television but don't really know much about the candidates besides how they look" tend to vote for whichever candidate is the prettiest and shiniest, rather than the smartest or most qualified. This came as no shock to former Presidential candidates John McCain or Bob Dole, both of whom lost to younger, shinier candidates who made shockingly empty speeches and promises and yet still trounced their older, duller opponents. It also comes as no shock to the Mainstream Media which has been working feverishly to smear and destroy shiny, pretty Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann, who threatens to unseat Press-Blessed Golden Boy Barack Obama in the next election.

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