The CBS Message: Criminal Minds vs CSI NY

julia louis dreyfuss and nina tassler
Nina Tassler, president of CBS entertainment
who secretly wants to work for Lifetime

Last night the ladies of CBS gave us all an important message.

According to the show "Criminal Minds", if you are male and you are so severely abused that you become legally insane, you are still responsible for everything you do and you deserve to die for it.

According to the show "CSI: NY":, if you are female and you are beaten and insulted by a boyfriend, you can steal anything and everything you want to and it's not really your fault. We should all feel sorry for you. It's mostly his fault, whomever he is. And besides, you're just so pretty we couldn't possibly be angry with you. You look just like Courtney Cox. Also, if anyone dies near you while you're committing your crimes we'll find a white male to make responsible so as not to interrupt our story about how tragic your life is.

Oh, and also, now that they are putting RFID chips into credit cards and things it doesn't matter how careful you are. Your identity can easily be stolen anyway by a passing thief with a receiver because all your information is being transmitted.
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