FYF - The End is Near

fuck you friday
Fuck You Friday

It's Fuck You Friday.

Our castrated nation is always offering new and exciting news to amaze and entertain us.
I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.
Or am I crying so hard I'm laughing?

Miami plans big party when Castro dies

It’s fascinating to watch how our ivory tower professors who have never lived under communism love to celebrate communist dictators and sing their praises. But the people who actually did live under them only sing praises when they die. Perhaps we could all learn something from this?

Global warming man-made, will continue

If this isn’t blatant propaganda and editorializing disguised as reporting then nothing is.

Minn. farmer charged after chasing thief

In our brave new girl-world a man who chases down a criminal and apprehends him is charged with a greater crime than the criminal himself.

Fake employer took women's urine samples

OK, so what was the crime here? Is urine theft a major issue for your law enforcement officials to be concerned about? Personally I’d rather they worry about more important issues, like gay gangs raping high school students in the bathrooms for example.

La. Sheriff puts tiny cameras on Tasers

Coming next season on Fox: Sheriff Reality TV – see millions of Americans getting shocked to shit and screaming in agony for your entertainment. You laugh while they cry. It’s fun for the whole family.

Joint investigation into why car plunged off parking garage

Well, let’s see if we can apply our own brains and figure this out. The woman driving it hit the gas and rammed her way through a concrete barrier on the roof of the garage before plunging 5 stories to the ground below. That pretty much sums it up, don’t you think?

Lesbians form Mexico's first gay civil union

Of course they did. Who do you think is responsible for this whole thing? Gay men sure as hell never wanted gay marriage. This is the oldest gay joke ever:
Question - What does a lesbian bring on a second date?
Answer - a moving van.

Clemson probes party that mocked blacks

They were shocked and alarmed by this horrific display of a sense of humor! Not the blacks, but the white liberals who rule the school with an iron fist. The whites are openly discriminated against while blacks are encouraged to take classes teaching the view that blacks are superior to whites. The women are taught that all males are subhuman and evil, while all females are victims and morally perfect. Of this the ruling white liberals see no problem. But let a white man make fun of gangsta rap and it's blasphemy!

Parties mocking blacks spark outrage

Again, only the wealthy white liberal elitists were outraged until they informed the black studies department that they, too, should be angry and encourage their disciples of racial supremacy to feel the same. In a truly "progressive" educational system they'll tell you how to feel so you don't have to worry about having the "wrong" feelings. Unless you're a white male, that is, in which case everything you feel, say, do and are is always wrong in all circumstances. And here you probably thought the Nazis had lost the war.

Chile to resume contraception handout

Contraception? The article is about an abortifact. Let's look at the definition of contraception: "Intentional prevention of conception or impregnation through the use of various devices, agents, drugs, sexual practices, or surgical procedures."

Thieves happier than police?

Sure, politicians get paid much more than police officers. Why wouldn't they be happier?

Bush says he didn't intend to insult Democrats

Why the hell not? Do they apologize for insulting you? So what are you so sorry for? Don't you have a spine? Be a man!

Cuba TV shows Castro meeting with Chavez

The Sith Lord has a new apprentice.

Senators warn against war with Iran

And Iran appreciates that. Their money was well spent on your campaigns. This will encourage them to speed up their nuclear weapons program with full confidence that we won't do a damn thing about it because we're a nation of girls.

California may ban conventional lightbulbs by 2012

Is there anything not banned in the People's Republic of California? You can have sex with whatever you want, marry whatever you want, inhale whatever you want, but by God you'd better not use banned lightbulbs, smoke cigarettes, drive without a seatbelt, helmet or child seat, cook with trans fats, sell french fries, eat a Big Mac, own a gun, or say "God" in a public place. Why is it that the most "pro choice" states permit the least choice among their citizens on all other matters? Have you ever noticed that?

N.Y. lawmaker wants model weight rules

Again, our religious leaders are attempting to force the fashion industry to shove good health down the throats of the models in flat-out contradiciton of the "pro choice" mantra they love to preach. It won't work. It isn't their bodies that are the problem. It's what's in their heads.

Bush says lawsuits, regulations hurting markets

You'd think this wouldn't be new information to anyone, but I'll bet you none of the Democratic Party's candidates for President understand this.

NY Gov. Spitzer stands by "steamroller" boast

So is "steamroller" another word for arrogant gunslinging asshole up in New York?

Town to immigrants: you can't kill women

But don't you worry, because it's open season on men, as always.

Woman jailed after reporting rape

See, here's how it works, if you are a wanted criminal then you can't go to the police without getting arrested for your crime. At least, that's how it used to work. After the feminists get through with this that will all change, though, and any woman, no matter what she's on the run for, will get a "get out of jail free" card if she simply calls "base" while talking to the police. See, the law isn't supposed to apply to women or other priviledged elites in this once great nation.

Newlyweds accused of robbing Utah bank

The family that prays together, stays together. But the couple that robs banks together winds up in separate cells getting gay-raped. Word.

China media's woes blamed on communism

Ya think?

2006 personal savings drop to 74-yr. low

Train wreck to follow soon. Don't be on the tracks when it happens or you'll be sorry.

U.S. family-oriented job policies weak

That's a true statement. Our country no longer supports the true family - a mother, a father, and their children. Instead we do all we can to split it into pieces and smash it out of existence. And whether we admit it or not we're all paying a high price for that, with more to come.

Federal judge delays Holocaust ruling

If a federal judge doesn't rule that there was a Holocaust would that mean it didn't happen? Is this how it works now? Silly me, I thought we didn't need a judge to write history.

U.N. panel to link warming to humans

The Romantic Period returns, with all its' rampant stupidity and venereal diseases. This time, instead of calling it the Romantic Period, they'll call it the Oprah Period.

Blacks suffer more from cancer, report finds

It's an election year. Can you tell?

Young U.S. blacks believe in politics: study

It's an election year. Can you tell?

Survey details the lives of black youth

It's an election year. Can you tell?

Biden starts White House run with controversy

Poor Joe, he doesn't even realize yet that he's too white and too male for any of the remaining Democrats to ever vote for. He's too pathetic to join the Libertarians, though. He'll have to switch all the way over to the Republican Party if he wants to remain in politics these days, and even with them his days would be numbered. He's a dinosaur.

Murder trial opens for ex-boyfriend accused of slashing stripper's throat

"Place penis in one of the following three holes. etc etc Do not kill the stripper." Why is this so hard to understand? I wonder if I could get the Ad Council to run this as a public service ad campaign?

Scented oils linked to breast growth in boys

Soaps, shampoos, lotions, all poisoning our nation's boys with estrogenic compounds that block their natural development and turn them into girls. It's a feminazi's dream come true.

Workplace secondhand smoke ups cancer risk: study

Grandpa knew this, but we, the Progressive Generation, have to do taxpayer funded "studies" to rediscover this and just about everything else that all the previous generations already knew. Apparently redefining "family" to be meaningless, discarding history as "too white male", and placing the teaching of leftist religious doctrine over all else, has brought us to this place. We're totally lost.

Herpes outbreak triggers wrestling ban in Minnesota

What the hell kind of wrestling are they doing up there, eh?

Models "too thin," say 4 in 5 consumers: global poll

Global poll, eh? I wasn't polled. Were you?

Town to immigrants: you can't kill women

A town in Quebec is literally handing out my instructions for using a prostitute to all Muslims living there. The Muslims, as some less progressive among us might have predicted, are feeling slightly pissed off and insulted.

Anti-Semitic attacks at record level

So are anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian, and anti-hetero attacks, but no one reports on that.

Nero's Golden Palace to partly reopen

The Democrats are considering running him for President.

Study links air pollution particles, heart disease

I thought we knew this long ago?

Air Pollution Poses Heart Risk to Postmenopausal Women

Oh look, now it's for women only. Who saw this coming?

Woman dies after being left in ambulance for over an hour

Welcome to Memphis. We hope you enjoyed your stay.

Big baby causes sensation in Cancun

Senator Joseph Biden is apparently campaigning among our future illegal citizens down in Cancun?

Final Harry Potter book due out in July

It's a love story about Harry and a horse.

Harry loves a horse
Ew! Harry, no! Stop that!
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