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I got tagged by the gorgeous RadioGirl to do a meme of 6 weird things about myself. But she did it differently than most people. She included one that is a fake. She left it up to us to figure out which one is the fake. So since she tagged me I'm going to do it her way and do 7 weird things about me, one of which is a total lie. You have to figure out which one is the fake.

  1. When I was in the 5th grade I was the captain of the patrols. I had to walk around to every single patrol post and make sure everyone was doing their jobs and that they didn't have any problems or need help with anything. On one particular day I was out at the farthest patrol post from the school talking to patrol Tommy Garrett when we suddenly heard police sirens coming our way. Then a girl in a car came flying down the road towards us. We were standing at the corner of Todd Mill Road and Cannstatt Drive. She was hauling ass down Todd Mill and tried to make the 90 degree turn onto Cannstatt. Tommy was standing right next to the stop sign at the crosswalk where he was supposed to be, but because I was just wandering from post to post I wasn't supposed to be anywhere in particular. I was standing well down the sidewalk from the stop sign. The girl skidded around the curve onto Cannstatt and clipped the curb. When she hit the curb she slid all the way across her front seat and smashed into the passenger side door. I stood in shock as I watched this happen. She immediately reached over with her left hand and grabbed the steering wheel, turning the car towards me. She began pulling herself back over to the driver's side as she steered the car up the curb, missing me by about 6 inches, and drove past me into the field behind me. She managed to stop the car just before it plunged into a deep ditch that was there in the field. Then, without even looking back, she backed the car out of the field and down the curb, again missing me by the same 6 inches, and sped off. Apparently the police sirens had been for her.
  2. When I'm making a long drive on the interstate and no one else is nearby, I'll change lanes over and over, always taking the inside lane on long curves, just to make the trip shorter. I consider it a challenge to avoid hitting any reflectors in the road as I make the lane change and pride myself on being good at it. This, as you might expect, drives My Loving Wife insane.
  3. My Wife and I will have been married to each other for 10 years this summer. Even after all this time we still laugh hysterically whenever either of us lets a really good fart.
  4. 2 weeks ago I was standing in my kitchen saying 'goodbye' to My Wife as she left for work. Just for her entertainment I let a fart. Only it turned out not to be just a fart. Diarrhea soon followed and I had to run to the bathroom before it poured out of my pant legs onto the floor. She thought this was much funnier than any ordinary fart.
  5. When I was in college I owned a black 1978 Trans Am, as well as several other cars. The Trans Am needed some work, but looked great. I never had much time to work on it because of school, so the entire time I was in school it just sat in storage, costing me money but doing me no good. When I graduated from college I ended up moving to Memphis, where everyone at work told me my Trans Am would be stolen within a week if I brought it up to Memphis. So I sold it for almost nothing, along with a huge amount of parts, having never gotten to use it or enjoy it at all.
  6. When I was in college a lawyer gave me his old car for free. I was still driving it when I moved to Memphis, and it did not get stolen.
  7. My Wife and I didn't do anything for each other for Valentine's Day this year because we were both sick.
Alrighty then. There you go. I don't know how interesting this might be for you, but there it is.

And if you can correctly identify the one fake then you win a .... you win ... um ... you win. Yay for you.

Now I have to tag 6 suckers, I mean, people to do the meme too. So I tag:

Leesa in Savannah - she tagged me for Battle of the Blogs and I am invoking swift revenge.
Leesa in Montana - she's a hottie and you can't just tag one Leesa and not the other.
Kami in Dallas - she's my favorite Texas weather girl.
Dixie - she's the number one fan of FYF.
Poody - she's turned on by my knowledge of the Beatles.
Mr. Houston TX - no one should have to live in Houston. It's not the heat. It's the humidity.
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