Here in the United States we have primarily 2 political parties: Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats historically opposed all efforts to end slavery, formed the Ku Klux Klan, formed the second Ku Klux Klan, supported Jim Crow laws, opposed civil rights legislation, and are today most commonly known as the party of class warfare. The Republicans started the war between the states which resulted in the deaths of over half the males in the country, but did ultimately result in the end of legalized slavery in the United States prior to the establishment of the family court system. Republicans have not been very successful in attaining or holding power at the federal government level. Democrats have controlled Congress for over 90 percent of the last 100 years and the White House roughly 50 percent of the same time period. Why?

Democrats view Republicans as greedy, considering the Republicans capitalistic, market-oriented views to be sinful and immoral. Democrats also despise Republicans views on the importance of individual rights as being selfish and unfair. Republicans view Democrats as being obsessed with power and see Democrats endless and usually ruthless quest for more power to be evidence of a personality disorder. Democrats are fond of labeling those they dislike and are fond of referring to Republicans as "the religious right." Republicans view the Democrats worship of power and control to be a fanatical and intolerant evangelical religious cult which they call socialism or sometimes communism.

Democrats traditionally engage in "us vs them" politics. They divide Americans into those who vote for Democrats as a group and those who don't. Those who vote for Democrats as a group are rewarded when Democrats attain power. Democrats enjoy taking the wealth and property of those who earned it but did not support Democrats quest for power and giving it to those who did not earn it, but who typically vote for Democrats. Democrats call this "social justice" or "redistribution of wealth" while Republicans call it "stealing", "cronyism", "bribery" and "vote buying." Republicans traditionally engage in "taxpayers vs moochers" politics. They divide Americans into those who pay the taxes that provide government services and entitlements and those who take everything offered and give back nothing in return. This practice only works well as long as the people paying taxes understand how government actually works and know that anything provided from the government is never free, but always paid for by those who pay taxes. Democrats frequently take advantage of this knowledge weakness among average citizens by offering select groups of voters "free" gifts, or bribes, in exchange for their votes, such as birth control or cell phones or even houses. Once elected, the Democrats then raise the taxpayers taxes to pay for the "free" birth control, cell phones, houses, etc and force all taxpayers to pay the actual cost of the "free" items, plus the cost of government overhead which greatly exceeds the cost of simply buying the good or service on the free market.

Republicans traditionally appeal to the middle class by indicating that they understand the burdens of being a worker and taxpayer and raising a family. Republicans offer to help reduce those burdens by lowering taxes. Often they further attempt to motivate their voting base by promising to reduce costly government handouts to non-workers, non-taxpayers and non-citizens. After all, it is disastrous to lower taxes without reducing the costs associated with government. Democrats traditionally appeal to the lower class and upper class by indicating that they "feel your pain" and sympathize with the poor people's frustration at being poor and the rich people's feelings of guilt at being rich. They promise to make the poor richer by taking the wealth of the middle class and giving it to the poor, thus creating more poor people and more Democrats at the same time. This simultaneously assuages the guilt of the rich by telling them that they will be paying more taxes to help the poor. Ironically, rich Democrats in Congress and the White House are infamous for not paying any taxes at all even though it is a violation of the law not to pay taxes. Democrats further redistribute the nation's wealth to the lower classes by creating and then steadily expanding more and more government agencies and programs that give money, food, etc to select groups of people at the expense of taxpayers. In order to fund this mass transfer of wealth, Democrats always raise taxes.

Democrats always spend more money than the government takes in from taxes. This is called operating on a deficit, or deficit spending. Ordinary people simply call it spending money you don't have. Republicans typically focus on reducing the deficit while Democrats focus on printing money as fast as possible and spending it even faster than it can be printed.

Money defying power

Republicans believe that money can solve most problems and that power can be attained through the mere possession of money. Democrats believe that power can solve any problem and that money, and most anything else, can be attained through the acquisition of power. In the 1990s when Bill Clinton was president, he and his wife, Hillary, were brought to trail for various crimes and misdeeds which they were alleged to have committed. Their possession and usage of power shielded them from any consequences from their actions, legal or illegal. They were brought to trial many times for many criminal actions, but never once did they suffer the slightest consequence. Power protected them and they were able to go on to maintain their power year after year. Hillary is today the Secretary of State, having not left power since arriving in Washington DC in the early 1990s. Also in the 1990s, the Clintons requested monetary donations of one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates. Bill Gates refused the Clintons demands for political donations and was subsequently forced to testify in a hearing in which he and his company were charged with numerous misdeed for which there was no evidence. Bill Gates assumed that because he possessed great wealth, that he also possessed great power. He behaved in his trial exactly as the Clintons had both behaved in their many trials. He claimed not to remember things and argued over the definition of "is" just as Bill and Hillary Clinton had done. Yet as the trial went on, it quickly became apparent that Mr. Gates was going to be punished despite not having done anything wrong. Further, his company was going to be split into 3 parts not only to hurt him for refusing to give money to the Clintons, but also as a message to other wealthy men like himself who might mistakenly believe that the mere possession of wealth gave them power and influence. Mr. Gates, at that time the richest man in the world, was ultimately forced to submit to the Clintons, at that time the most powerful people in the world, and give them lots of money, plus submit to their religious socialist worldview in his future endeavors. Mr. Gates did so, and left his own company in order to prevent any future political backlash against him from destroying his life's work, Microsoft, and causing its destruction. In the years since, he has given large sums of money to causes the Clintons approve of.

Power crushing money
 The Democrats view power as the ultimate goal, and they are very skilled as both acquiring and using it to further their agendas. The Republicans view money as the ultimate goal, and they are very skilled at earning it and investing it, often using it as a tool for building companies or movements that are intended to further their agendas. In the world of politics, it would seem that power triumphs over money almost every time. Those whose focus is on power seem to know how to use money, even stolen money, to increase their power. But those whose focus is on money seem far less able to translate their money into power, and often end up losing their money to those who focused on power and then used that power to rob those who focused on money.  I believe Machiavelli explained this in detail in his writing. In fact, history is filled with examples that seem to prove this to be true. The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, the list of historical examples of powermad egomaniacs robbing their nation's wealthy from positions of great power goes on an on. Any rich man who has been dragged into trial by a government can attest to the fact that power triumphs over wealth.(Those who fail to understand this and subsequently fail to attain power often like to sooth their pain by declaring "the truth will out" in a vain hope that the lies used by power-seeking sociopaths will eventually be revealed. While it is true the the truth often eventually comes out, in a world of power it simply doesn't matter. We know that JFK stole the presidential election of 1960 through massive vote fraud. It has been known since the election itself. Yet he still served a full 4 years as president and was even re-elected. The truth mattered not at all and did not affect his power. What affected his power were other powerful people who felt threatened and/or betrayed by him and used their own power to kill him.)
Nero - Emperor of Rome

These are my thoughts on the subject of power versus money, Democrats versus Republicans, truth versus "any means necessary." Now I'm curious to know yours. What do you think? Does money equate to power, or does power equate to money?
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