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Obama said long ago that he fully intended to send the US over the 'fiscal cliff' and with media reports indicating that over half of retarded-Americans thinking it is the Republicans fault, he has no incentive not to. For those of you not living here, or those who don't know what's going on, in 2001 and 2003 then-President Bush proposed tax-cuts to stimulate the economy. The Democrats held the majority in the House and Senate, so in order to get them passed he had to allow an expiration to be put on these tax-cuts. That expiration hit in 2010, but Democrats wanted Obama to get re-elected so they allowed them to be extended until just after the presidential election this year. Now that Obama has been re-elected, whether legitimately or through rampant vote-fraud, they have absolutely no incentive to renew them. The irony of the American media blaming Republicans for this cliff is that it was Republicans who created the tax cuts and Democrats who swore to tear them down. Now they are going to be torn down and the red diaper Media are blaming the Republicans for it.

The Supreme Court is hearing 2 cases relating to the redefinition of marriage for the creation of same-sex marriage. This is all the media seems able to think about, other than the 'fiscal cliff' that it blames Republicans for. Apparently the gays in the media, who swear that it is 'no big deal' to redefine marriage, think that it is the biggest deal in the world at this time and can think and talk about nothing else.

The legalization of pot in several states has created virtually no buzz whatever among citizens, but the TV sure is all excited about it, with several television shows adjusting their plotlines to include it in their stories. Ironically, the same media who wants "big tobacco" destroyed as a force for evil is all for "big marijuana" as a force for good.

Two prominent Marxist dictators, one current and one retired, are in and out of hospitals with various health ailments. Nelson Mandela and Hugo Chavez are all over the news, in-between endless headlines about the gay marriage case and the 'fiscal cliff' Republicans are blamed for, with the most useless details imaginable about their health conditions. Other than the news media, no one really cares. The American public cares more about Kate Middleton's morning sickness than we do about these two communist douches. (Before you get all upset that I'm calling Mandela a communist douche, read this and then shut the hell up.)

Republicans are arguing over whether the announcement by Tea Party favorite Senator Jim DeMint that he is retiring is a good thing or a bad thing. Let's try putting this into perspective for a moment. Prior to Senator DeMint and the Tea Party we had Republican presidential offerings like the ever-memorable Bob Dole and the not-really-even-a-Republican John McCain. After Jim DeMint we had Mitt Romney, who had to battle through a field of several other strongly conservative candidates, and one liberal, just to get the nomination in the first place. So, is his decision to throw in the towel on the Republican Party a good thing or a bad thing? I guess it depends on whether you want to see the Republican Party do well in the future or do poorly.

The city of San Francisco had to vote on whether or not to make it illegal for citizens to walk around in public totally naked. By a vote of 6-5 they decided that it is probably not a good idea for citizens in their city to waltz around completely nude anywhere and everywhere they please. But if you are pro-nudity don't despair, because in the ever-litigious land of chaosity, a Marxist federal judge is going to overturn that decision and bring back the free display of naked junk. It hasn't happened yet, but you know it is going to.  All I can say about this is that at least Sara Underwood will remain free to ride bicycles naked through the city for special segments on G4's "Attack of the Show."

The state of Michigan, home to labor-bankrupted auto city of Detroit, is voting to strike a blow against organized crime, er, labor and give workers the right to work without being forced to join unions and pay union dues unless they choose to. It's about as "pro-choice" as it gets, and yet President Obama and the self-congratulating "pro choice party" of Democrats are up-in-arms about it, so much so that Obama himself is flying to Michigan to battle this choice. After all is said and done, if the law passes, you can count on a Marxist federal judge to overturn it under some totally made up bullshit that he pulls out of his ass declaring the constitution to enshrine organized crime as a protected institution.

Atheists at Reuters news service are waging a propaganda campaign just in time for Christmas crying that atheists are persecuted and need special legal protections. Meanwhile, all Across the USA these same 'persecuted' atheists are tearing down Christian symbols, setting up displays directly expressing hatred of Christians and Jews, suing anyone and everyone who dares to express their faith in God, and generally acting an awful like like bigoted and intolerant persecutors rather than persecuted victims. Funny how everyone at Reuters seems to have missed that. Then again, they also missed who is responsible for the 'fiscal cliff', too, so there you go.

Bob Costas created a buzz when he took up an entire halftime of an NFL game to preach his religion of leftist-loving gun-control following the death of an NFL player who killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide. Costas blamed the "gun culture" of America for this murder/suicide and insisted that if there were no guns in private citizens hands none of this would have happened. The family of Nicole Brown Simpson was surprised to hear, and somewhat skeptical, that if private citizens did not have guns then NFL players would be unable to murder young women.

Bob Costas and his old buddy, OJ Simpson

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