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I lost a follower. It happened right after I posted about the scandal between Planned Parenthood and Komen. Hey, it's not my fault Komen only spends 15% of their billions on actual breast cancer research. Don't get mad at me. Unfollow them if you're upset about it.


Anyway, here are a few of the thoughts rolling around in my head this week. I hope they are in some way helpful or inspirational to you rather than pissing you off and then you unfollow me.

Your body + my money = prostitute

You wanting something does not equate to that something being a 'right'. Some people here in America seem to have a hard time with this concept. Not surprisingly, these same people believe that my not paying for that something which they want equates to me denying them access to it. No, honey, it doesn't. You are free to open up your own wallet and use your own money to buy it if you truly want it. And if it were so important that's exactly what you'd do. Stealing from me, though, isn't a right at all. Thinking that everything you want is a 'right' and expecting other people to pay for it is what is commonly referred to as being a narcissist. Others call it being a child. It's basically the same thing. In some foreign countries it is known as being a thief.

If you decide to back into a parking space and end up losing the space to someone else, don't get mad at them. They didn't steal your space. No one can read your mind. When a space opens up and you drive past it in order to stop and back into the space, all anyone else sees is you not wanting the space and driving away from it. By the time anyone realizes you intended to back into it, they've already taken it. This is a reminder for me as much as anyone else. I lost a space the other day and I was pissed about it, but I knew it was my fault. How was he supposed to know I was going to back in?

"Bling" headlights is actually a term now

I don't care how big your truck is. Those blinding blue lights are off-road only and that means they are illegal. Yes, I will either call the cops or you will remove them. Alternatively, I will smash them out. Yes, I have a bat in my car and I know how to use it. Seriously, it's called stick fighting and I was trained in it. Of course, I wasn't trained to stick fight with a pickup truck, but most of what they taught me can be applied to your headlights as easily as your head. Oh nevermind, I'll just call the cops. With my luck I'd probably tear a shoulder joint while whacking your truck because I didn't warm up first.

Does your mother know that you're out?

Why are the police in Australia grabbing kids they see walking down the sidewalk and taking them to their parents with a warning about letting kids walk around without leashes? Has the Nanny State really gotten so out-of-control now that we aren't ALLOWED to let kids walk around outside without us following them everywhere they go? Is this what happens when you get your first woman PM?


Tolerance is a two-way street. You can't demand that I be tolerant of your beliefs or lifestyle if you are intolerant of mine. Oddly, this concept is unfathomable to the very same group of people I mentioned previously who feel that anything they desire is a 'right' and that my refusing to pay for that thing they desire equates to my violating their rights and denying them access. Interestingly, the 'tolerance' crowd is exceptionally tolerant of radical Muslims who kill people they disagree with. Apparently the idea of killing people who dare to think differently appeals quite strongly to the tolerance crowd. And that is no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.

Killer is 'real' victim ... again

I find it odd how the news media, especially Reuters and the Associated Press, will report and push as hugely important news stories that are of no interest whatever to 99 percent of the people in their audience, but of great interest to 99 percent of the very left-wing, mostly female, and disproportionately homosexual employees of the news service itself. And then, when the newspapers keep going out of business, and the audience for their television networks continues to shrink as the viewers turn elsewhere, they throw up their hands and demand government funding to keep them in business, once again insisting that they have a 'right' to sell something no one wants to buy simply because it is their dogma, their god, their religion, and they feel strongly that we should all be forced by the government to support their church of propaganda even as they fight with all their might to outlaw everyone else's religious beliefs and silence all who report a different viewpoint. I seem to recall our Democrat President attacking Fox news and talk radio at one point, and our Democrat-controlled Congress making noises about shutting it down through force of law. This is how tyranny works - what the People want, they are denied. What they do not want, they are forced to endure by Big Government, who insists that it knows better what is good for us all. And what is good for us is never freedom according to Big Government. Freedom involves risk and danger and someone might get hurt. So it must not be allowed. It 'saves lives' to eliminate freedom. It's "for the children" that we must not permit anyone to speak freely or move about without government monitoring. "Women are dying" because of men's freedom. There is always some excuse for enslaving us.

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