Sexual Battery

According to America's lawmakers, judges, prosecutors and police, the following is a crime of SEXUAL BATTERY:

No one was hurt. The sexual organs involved belonged to the man now being charged with sexual battery, and there was exactly no emotional or physical trauma involved.

According to America's lawmakers, judges, prosecutors and police, the following is NOT a crime of SEXUAL BATTERY:

The victim is unarmed and both hands were clearly visible and empty when he was assaulted in his genitals hard enough to lift him off the ground and throw him onto his back, prior to the assailant leaping upon him and pummeling his face like a hockey player during the third period, followed by another assailant walking over and for no reason whatever, applying a Taser shock to the victim's face despite the fact that the victim is on his back, unarmed and not harming his assailant in the least.

Is it my imagination, or is it the case that our lawmakers are fucking insane? Teabagging a sleeping man is not sexual battery. It is being a dickhead. Kicking a man's testicles hard enough to rupture both of them and lift the man off his feet so that he lands flat on his back is absolutely sexual battery. It is battery and it is sexual to the victim, as well as to everyone who witnesses the battery and sees clearly that it involved the victim's sexual organs. It is sexual battery because we, the people, say it is. And if the laws as currently written disagree, then the laws are wrong and must be changed. If our lawmakers can't comprehend this, or simply refuse to do as we say, then our lawmakers are wrong and must be changed.

Alternatively, the lawmakers, prosecutors, etc could be forced to stand out in the street and submit to repeated kicks to their genitals with extreme force in the same manner as this American citizen was, over and over again, until they finally understand why everyone except them sees the act of violently assaulting a person's sexual organs in a non-fear-for-life, non-self-defense situation as being an act of sexual assault, indecent and obscene in the eyes of society in general, and infinitely worse than tea bagging some drunk for a gag.

Seriously, is it just me or are the laws in every state in the United States, most of which didn't even have laws defining sexual assault of a male in any form or fashion until the 1990s or later, totally out of touch with reality and utterly wrong?

Does it matter at all that researchers in the field of sexual abuse found that male victims of this exact act of violent assault received it as a sexual assault, with the exact same long-term psychological damage and symptoms as victims of all other forms of sexual assault and abuse, including violent rape? The researchers themselves were shocked, but noted that no one had ever actually asked male victims of sexual violence of this nature anything about how they felt or what effects it had had on them. Once they asked, victims reported all the symptoms experienced by victims of violent rape - nightmares about the assault, long-term depression, flashbacks, and panic attacks. Medically the victims were undeniably sexual assault victims. Legally, they were nothing.

What will it take for the laws to be changed to acknowledge the reality of this crime? Our society has become fixated on violence, as sex is declared taboo and foul language the worst of all possible crimes. So we've sexualized the violence and celebrated it. It's everywhere, from kids television programs to the hallways of their schools to the streets of our own neighborhoods, brought to us by the police themselves. It is an epidemic, which researchers warn is already having devastating consequences for our entire culture even as it continues to spread and grow worse.

What happens to a society that sexualizes violence and then celebrates it?
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