Komen, Planned Abortionhood and Spinelessness

Gonna cash you like a check from Publisher's Clearinghouse

This may shock some of you, but I'm going to say it anyway.


Truth and dogma can't occupy the same space

I don't think this whole hissy fit between Komen and Planned Parenthood is worth even one tenth the space it is getting in the news. In fact, I don't think it is even worth mentioning on any news cast or in any newspaper more than once, and even then only very briefly.

Very hush-hush link until now

As for the sudden reversal by the Komen bitches, it doesn't surprise me at all. There is nothing more PC than pink. And Komen has made it more popular for politicians and other PC pussies to wrap themselves in pink than the American flag.

lesbians on parade
Lesbians addicted to easy money

Of course they have no integrity when it comes to their own policies regarding donations.

Of course they reversed themselves without even bothering to call a meeting and revise those policies.

Doesn't this sound all too familiar? Didn't we just have a bunch of people appointed to powerful positions without Congressional approval, in violation of our own laws, by the pinkest president this country has ever seen?

I can do whatever I want!

Sure we did. That's how a pink world works. This is how it is when My Mom is running the show.

And I'll bet you all of these people involved in this scandal drive slow in the passing lane, too, just like my mom. And whenever anyone tries to pass, they speed up and block him out, just because they can. That's how it works in a pink world. That's the country we're living in today, a gleaming pink nation, sickening like a giant bottle of Pepto Bismol, gay and inconsistent and spineless and flaky as a pie crust that's been cooked too long.

Probably a bad driver, too

Now, let's forget all that because it's the weekend and we have a Superbowl to watch!

P.S. How much you want to bet the reporters announcing the game will be wearing more pink than ever by order of the heads of their television network in order to show corporate support for Planned Parenthood. See, NOW we know the real reason so many corporations were so terrified not to show support for pink. It wasn't about breast cancer at all. It's about abortion.
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