Just Some Things

I thought you said you wanted to get into my pants?

Yes, I KNOW you think you're a girl. But you're not. Do you know how I know this? Because you have a penis. The only person who doesn't know that you're not a girl is you and your therapist. And you paid her to do this to you. I'm pretty sure she's just messing with you, too. You should get a tattoo that says "gullible" and put it on your forehead.

To say "if you don't like something, don't do it" is not a solution, but a way of buying time to keep doing what you're doing that you already know you shouldn't be doing. It's an excuse. There are many things that everyone has a right to an opinion about. If I say "don't like murder? Don't do it" that's no solution to the problem of murder. It's just a childish way of saying "I want to do what I want no matter what and I don't like people criticizing me for it." Murder is wrong. Period. So are a lot of other things. And the effects of these things for all of us are real, even if we can't easily see them at first. "Don't like rapists? Don't be one." Yeah, that solves everything. Sure.

I'm sorry, Siri, but I just don't love you as much as you deserve. I could have been with you. I could have spent time alone with you, just the two of us, but I decided to go in another direction. Yes, I know you have a lot to offer. Don't be sad. Some other guy will come along, probably the fat one standing in line behind me, and he'll take you home with him and pretend you're his girlfriend, like Rajesh on "Big Bang Theory" in that great episode about you.

So big changes are coming. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing, but I think I am supposed to do this. I can't really explain that any better than I just did. Life has not been at all what I expected. Not at all. Why am I supposed to be in that city when I so badly don't want to? Anyway, someone needs me there, just as someone needed me here where I am as I write this. But they don't need me anymore and I have to go back. They are good and my job is done. But a new crisis is emerging back in the place I had thought I left once and for all. I have to go back.

Just because they let you speak at the Academy Awards doesn't mean you're not a douchebag. Just sayin'

I feel sad, stressed, tired, excited, apprehensive, all at the same time. And I feel strongly that I am going to have to focus on happiness. I am going to have to learn how to be happy in circumstances that are so absolutely not what I want or would ever have chosen. Others have done it. Surely I can manage it if I try hard enough.

Do you know, I really should rewrite my blog description in my profile. I no longer live in that neighborhood with the drug dealer, Yo G, or the unfortunate alcoholic, Rooster, or the white trash rednecks and their monster trucks. I live out in the Boondocks now and have found the people out here to be a completely different class of individuals, mostly decent and good. And I'm glad. Ironically, I have been informed that if I had not moved a certain someone out here to the friendly Boondocks it would have been much easier to convince that person to move with me out of this place altogether, far away from here and back to the place where I belong, where we both would be much happier.

Yes, I realize I still haven't written my version of "Little Red Riding Hood". Yes, I am going to do it. I have not forgotten. Did you know that there is a possibility that beautiful Vancouver blogger and talented Wanderlusting writer, Karina Halle's, "Experiment in Terror" series of novels may be made into a film production of some sort? It's just a possibility at this point, but wouldn't that be exciting to see a blogger become so successful as a writer? And it couldn't happen to a nicer person. She's awesome.

I spent an hour sitting in a music store watching videos about how to use the latest software to do amazing musical things. I think I have a new passion. It's just too bad I don't have the talent, skill or knowledge to go along with it.

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