WTF - Chris Brown vs the Rainbow Nazis

Douche Brown

I just read in the news where douche-hop rapper Chris Brown is in trouble with the PC Police again, this time for using a word which the Gay Press has declared to be "homophobic." You'll never even guess what the word is, so I'm going to have to tell you.

He said "gay".

Yep, that's it. And the bitches are literally sucking their panties straight up their own assholes over it because apparently he didn't use it right or something and they are shocked, shocked, I tell you!

Some paparazzi douchebag called the police on Chris for parking illegally. So he managed to talk his way out of the ticket, but then he had this to say to the papadouches:

"Y'all niggas is weak. Did you all call them to try and film me? Y'all niggas is gay!"

You might think that Chris Brown is in trouble for saying "y'all niggas", but no, apparently calling people "niggas" is totally acceptable now. We can all call each other niggas as much as we like. Take note of this rule change, because it's apparently something new.

You might think perhaps MADD is upset with Chris Brown over his illegal parking. Maybe it endangered some old lady or something? But no, illegal parking is fine for a celebrity, according to our news media.

No, Chris can park wherever he wants to and call anyone he wants a "nigga" and that is all totally fine. But his totally 80s-correct usage of 'gay' has upset the queens at the Human Rights Campaign, who have called Brown's choice of language "just plain unacceptable".

I wonder what would have happened if Chris Brown had said "y'all niggas is a bunch of cross-dressin', little boy molestin', dick suckin' cunts!" Maybe next time we'll find out? We can only hope.

Paparazzi photographers who called cops on Chris Brown

If this keeps up I'm going to start feeling sorry for this jackass. Everyone attacking him seems to be a bigger douchebag than he is, and that just doesn't seem right somehow.
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