Loonies On the Path - LIII - White Trash Chevy Pickup

I'm a hero, I'm a cowboy

So, you like white trucks, eh? It's just the right combination of 'good old boy' redneck and 'hero in the white hat' cowboy for your ego, I'm guessing.

Oh, don't get all pissy just because I've mentioned your ego. You can get pissy in a minute when I mention your driving.

What is your problem that you feel as if you own the highway and are the only person allowed to drive on it?

What is your problem that you feel entitled to cruise along in the passing lane, slowly, while fighting with every single person who gets in that same lane BEHIND you? Do you have a problem with people being behind you? Were you anally raped in prison when you were a young fuckup? You only fuck with the poor souls nice enough to get in behind you instead of speeding up and cutting you off while you block the fucking passing lane without passing a single soul.

Why aren't you fucking with the people who pass you by and get in front of you, since you oh so clearly want to fuck with people? You're in a big truck. You could intimidate people if you want to fight so badly. Why are you so afraid of the people blowing by you and cutting in front of you? Is it because you're a big pussy who can't go faster than 40 mph?

You clearly want to hurt someone. Everything about what you do says so. You jump on those brakes whenever anyone is behind you, no matter how far behind they are. You slow down to draw them in if they aren't close enough to satisfy your desire for a fight. The fact that you wish to fight and hurt someone is undeniable. I saw you with my own eyes.

Yet you won't do anything when someone blows past you and leaves you in their dust. You might hit your brights, but with your antiquated non-Xenon headlights even your brightest brights aren't anything compared to the normal headlights on any of the new cars. And the police will ticket you for driving with your brights on, which scares you shitless, doesn't it?

All passive/aggressives are more scared of getting caught than normal people are. That's not to say they are scared of doing wrong, only that they are scared of getting caught.

Could it be that you have your entire attention focused on your rearview mirror, such that you don't even notice the people passing you and flicking you the bird? I think that must be it. I think you are so busy trying to murder innocent drivers and their passengers behind you that you don't even know what is going on ahead of you. That's why you have so much trouble turning left. That's why you nearly missed your turn. That's why you ended up driving on the wrong side of the road when I turned left and was no longer behind you. It's because you are totally focused on what is going on behind you and oblivious to what is going on ahead of you.

And next time I see you, I'm going to take full advantage of that, you cunt.

I'm a cunt

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