Pro to Ghetto in 3 - 2 - 1

My weekend was crap. How was yours? Generally, I find that the way my weekend ends determines how I feel about it the following week. And since my weekend ended badly, this is how I feel about it - it sucked.

My dreams these days are alarmingly boring and mostly empty. But last night, perhaps because of the thunderstorm taking place outside my window, I dreamed that I somehow ended up in a motorcycle race. It was an odd race, with no ramps or whoop de doos or any of the normal things you'd find in a motocross race, or even an enduro race. And all the other riders, I assumed, had nice new bikes while I had my antique Honda 250 to work with. Plus, I had never ridden the course, not even once, so I was forced to jog the course beforehand to try and get a feel for what I was up against. This is where I discovered that it was laid out more like a cross country 5K than a motorcycle race. Yes, in my dream, they let me jog the race course while the races were going on, which upon waking, I realized was more than a bit odd and totally insane. And I did wake up, unfortunately, prior to my own heat ever starting. Thus, I dreamed that I was entered in a race which I jogged and researched and checked my bike thoroughly in preparation for my own run, but then never actually got to ride. Doesn't that suck? That is my real life in a nutshell - all preparation and no actual race. My life sucks.

I keep reading where President Obama is chiding the oil companies for not drilling in spots where the US Government granted them licences to drill, but no evidence of oil exists. Meanwhile, in the spots where the oil companies already discovered oil, he revoked their drilling permits and told them to stop all drilling and pumping of desperately needed oil. He's done the same thing with coal. I think Obama believes the average American to be so stupid as to not understand how energy production works in the slightest and thus, not realize that it is he and not the "greedy" oil companies who is responsible for this latest low blow to our nation's economy and the price of gas at the pumps. Jimmy Carter couldn't have done it better himself.


As for Libya and our invasion of their country, this is the same president who declared Bush's invasion of Iraq to be criminal and promised to bring our troops home. That was a cornerstone of his campaign. Much like Clinton, though, he only meant to bring them home long enough to get more ammunition before sending them out again to invade even more countries than before.

While I'm on the subject of government interference in our nation's daily life and the resulting train wrecks it causes, the news is every day awash with stories of new outbreaks of infections which our antibiotics cannot stop. We went from fears of staph and flesh-eating bacteria to MRSA and tens of thousands of otherwise healthy Americans dying each year due to a lack of new antibiotics to treat them. American corporations used to produce more new antibiotics each year than any other nation. But that is no longer so. Guess why? Big Government, via the FDA, has steadily expanded its power and size, as governments are always doing, to the point that it is financially impossible for small, agile companies to even attempt to produce new antibiotics, and large mega-corporations are now, too, finding it so difficult and expensive, due entirely to unnecessary government obstacles, that most have stopped even trying. And so, as the FDA grows in size and budget, Americans are suffering and dying in order to pay the cost of this unneeded and counterproductive expansion of federal powers.

Government bacteria

Big Government generally only ever 'protects' the citizens from change. But the bacteria behind deadly infections are changing all the time. The world is constantly changing. To be protected from change, more often than not, is to be dead.

There is a trend here. The bigger, more powerful and more centralized government becomes, the more The People suffer, as Big Government intrudes ever-deeper into our private lives in order to justify its own bloated and inefficient existence. When there is no real need for a government agency, political players simply make shit up in order to stir enough fear that they can slip in a bill creating a new totally unneeded government bureaucracy with staff and budget and lots of power to deal with the imaginary problem. Once the agency is established, there is no getting rid of it, even after the lie is revealed and the people discover that they have been duped.

Official Government Document

Speaking of global warming and the EPA, there is a battle raging in Washington over the EPA's very likely illegal attempt to regulate Carbon Dioxide as a pollutant despite no Congressional approval and the fact that doing so will destroy what is left of our nation's battered economy. The voters made it clear in the last election that they oppose this and Congress has blocked passage of laws allowing this, so the EPA has simply issues regulations, without benefit of law, doing it anyway. This gives the EPA power over not only every company in America, but every American citizen, as we all expel carbon dioxide every time we exhale. Thus, we are all guilty of a crime and need EPA approval and permission to breathe. See how this shit works? It's all about power and control, baby.

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