Crawling Into Friday

This is a totally random posting of the various thoughts rolling around in my brain. I expect it to be very short, so of course it will be a long and rambling monstrosity when I'm done.

I've been asked to be president of the local chapter of an organization that promotes various causes and legal issues. It's not a replacement for my job, but it would eat up my spare time. I'm not going to explain any more than that, but I'm considering accepting the offer even though I have no idea what the hell I'm doing and I'm no lawyer or lobbyist. Trial by fire, I suppose. Maybe it'll be fun?

It's weird that they asked me. I just got here. It's like walking into the bank to make a deposit and instead the bank president hands you the keys and says "here, you run the bank now. I'm going to play golf."

Apparently I have passion and they liked that. Then again, I'm impressed that The Hysterical Ladies Network's own Jane Mitchell Velez has passion, even though I think she's totally wrong most of the time. So, with that in mind, I have a few reservations.

Ooh, look at that, I'm a Cherokee "native American" and I said I have a few "reservations." Funny stuff. Yeah, OK, not so much. Moving right along ...

A few weeks ago I had posted as my status on Facebook "The NAACP just called me and left a message." My friends all left snarky comments and making jokes about how I should probably run away. But I wasn't kidding. They called me to talk about something that I very much wanted to discuss. I had contacted them first, actually. I have to say, I'm really shocked at how disorganized they seem to be. I don't know how they get anything done.

I don't know if we'll talk again, but if I accept this position I should hope there might be a better flow of communication between us, as well as some other organizations I contacted. I know who used to run the NAACP and what it used to be about, but I don't know if that's still true today. If it is, we won't talk. If it isn't, I'm going to keep calling them.

I contacted several other organizations and some members of Congress. Very few ever get back to me. You have to be stubborn and annoying to get anything done.

I probably won't ever talk about this again.

What is the Tea Party Party? Are they a third political party with their own candidates or are they just a movement that is nominating candidates from the usual 2 main parties who share their views? Perhaps I knew the answer to this at some point, but I'm very tired and have begun to wonder about this.

I am beginning to realize that a huge number of people around me either never sleep or hardly ever sleep. I've had sleep problems since I was 10 years old, but I thought I was practically the only one.

Last night I ran into a guy I ran track with in high school. We hadn't spoken since those days. We ended up going to a club to listen to another old high school friend and his band play. We talked a lot about where we were today and how we'd gotten there. He was always a fun guy. Everyone likes him and always has.

He told me he has two sons. He has to pay his ex-wife $1200 every month and has been forced to do this for the past 8 years because when they were divorcing, her lawyer told her to quit her job so she would have no source of income at the time of the divorce. It's a standard trick to take as much income away from the non-custodial parent, the father 98 percent of the time, and shift it to the custodial parent, the mother, regardless of actual need. She had a perfectly good job, but she quit it anyway and has been taking this enormous monthly sum from him ever since. In addition to this money, he is paying for the boys' education separately, plus other expenses as they arise. It's funny that he said $1200, because that's the exact same amount all my other divorced male friends are paying to their exes.

Not surprisingly, with all of this money going to the woman who divorced him, he is forced into less than optimal living conditions himself. He has to live in an apartment. And he has to have a roommate to help pay the rent. He doesn't date and he doesn't care to ever marry again. He joined some local father's rights group that I had briefly heard of and then forgotten, but he says he's almost reached the point where he no longer has to pay her, and he plans to drop out of it once that happens.

I never got the chance to ask him, but I was wondering, "why drop out? Did you guys win and change things? If not, what about your 2 sons? If you stop fighting and you didn't win, won't it be worse when their turn comes around?"

He also told me that he never sleeps. And he never has. He said he sleeps maybe 2 or 3 hours each night and that's it. Even with my sleep problems I get more than that. I couldn't function on that. Some days, like today, I don't even function all that well on the 5-6 hours that I usually get.

I have discovered that several of my friends have prescriptions for various powerful anti-anxiety medications which help them sleep. It seems there are a lot of very anxious Americans these days. And we don't sleep much. We sit up late at night and stress and worry, often on Facebook. I discovered this late one night when a huge explosion rocked the south end of town and suddenly several Facebook statuses were updated to say "what the hell was that???" I was in the middle of writing the very same words when I saw others say it first. I found myself thinking, "good God, nobody sleeps anymore! I thought I was alone at this hour."

Everyone and their brother is on freakin' Facebook. It's turned into a veritable high school reunion. I'm making friends with people I went to school with, but never knew. And some people I did know and liked just fine hardly ever talk to me, or sometimes won't even accept my friend request. One girl I played soccer with and later ran track with emailed a mutual friend asking who I am. She said she doesn't remember me and has no idea why I'd ask to be her friend. Our mutual friend told me, laughing, that she is strange and can't seem to remember anyone.

Ah well, life goes on.

Last night in a club a woman tapped me on the shoulder and asked "aren't you the guy who commented on Judy's page earlier today?"

"Yes," I replied. "You look familiar."

"I'm Jane. Judy is a mutual friend of ours, I guess. We both commented on her status about that explosion last night."

Today I got a friend request from Jane.

Meanwhile, the Obama White House is busy nationalizing everything in America, just like Chavez in Venezuela has done, and we're all so very excited about becoming the next Venezuela. Or Zimbabwe.

And while he's doing that, Hillary and the Grrlz are actively spreading their particular brand of femarxism, which is more accurately called female supremacy, across the planet. They're using American tax dollars to build schools for girls-only in communities where no schools for anyone exist. Now the girls can read and write and the boys can't. Awesome. They're also paying women in poor communities to set up women-owned businesses which compete with struggling family-owned businesses where presumably men are at least equal to their wives, but which don't have trillions of American tax dollars to prop them up. So the established businesses, the mom and pop businesses, are driven out of business altogether by the new foreign-government-owned mom-only businesses which don't have to make a dime in profit thanks to being subsidized by my forcibly redistributed taxes.

This female-first, female-only dogma, where third-world males often aren't given any educational opportunities at all and any business with a man around is driven out of business, is the goal and, in fact, the religion of many modern American Leftists. Like true sociopaths, the wide path of destruction their agendas of the past have left is of no interest to them. They never look back, never regret anything, never learn from the past, never listen to anyone, and never second guess their own dogmas. And if you or I should ever question the dogma, by God, they'll come after us both with flaming swords, strapped on bombs, and an army of lawyers to punish us infidels for our sin of disbelief.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

Redistribution of wealth always seems to create an awful lot of poverty and death, doesn't it? And it always is done using someone else's money, someone else's blood, someone else's sweat, and someone else's tears. Heaven forbid that the dogmatic idealists sacrifice anything of their own for the cause. Oh no! The idealist has contributed the most important part, that is, the gift of their glorious ideas which came to mind while they were lounging at the country club smoking a joint and discussing the world's problems with their drug dealer. All of this idea-creating is an awful difficult task. If the idealist were forced to sacrifice of their own lives to actually implement their ideals, why, when would they find the time to lounge around coming up with all of their fabulous ideas?

I have a great idea. Let's redistribute your body into my belly!

I heard a joke last night. A man was getting dressed at his wedding. His best man was standing next to him and the groomsman were mingling around the room, all getting ready. The best man looks at the groom and says, "Dude, you've been smiling from ear to ear this whole time. Are you really that happy to be getting married?"

The groom looks at him and says, "I just got the best blowjob I've ever had in my whole life! And I'm about to marry the woman who gave it to me. Is that awesome or what?"

"Dude," the best man replies, "you are one lucky bastard."

Meanwhile, in the next room, the bride and all her bridesmaids are getting ready. The bride is beaming, like a radiant flower. The maid of honor looks at her and says, "you are smiling the biggest smile I think I've ever seen."

The bride smiles even brighter and says, "yeah, I am pretty happy. I just gave the last blowjob I'm ever going to have to give for the rest of my life!"

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