An Enlightening Conversation with 3 Women

I was having a drink and a conversation with 3 women at a bar when somehow the topic of political propaganda and false "everybody knows" statistics came up. Yes, I probably raised the topic myself. I can't remember just now. Anyway, I used as an example the repeatedly disproven lie that 1 of every 4 women in the United States (they claim this for every nation in the world actually) has been raped.

I said, "this is not only not true, but independent researchers trying to find the source of this claim traced it back to a study funded by the Ms Foundation in which a very small number of college women were surveyed and then the feminist conducting the survey assigned them the status of rape victim based on her slanted view of heterosexual sexual behavior rather than on their own statements as to whether or not they themselves had been raped.

Raped by the Ms Foundation

In other words, she declared female students to be rape victims who said they were not.

This kind of arrogant "we feminists know what's best for you silly girls" is a standard feature of the American Female Supremacist viewpoint and always has been. Nevertheless, the results of the study, which was conducted only of college girls, not women in general, were released along with the claim that 1 in 4 of the college women surveyed had been raped, including the ones who said that they had not. From there it was taken up by feminists as a favorite mantra and modified to be a rape statistic for all women everywhere.

I believe ...

My Blonde Female Friend sitting next to me looked at me with wide eyes and said, "I believe one out of four is wrong. I believe it's more. I believe three out of every four women have been raped."

"What?? You can't be serious," I responded. "The one in four claim was preposterous and then it was disproven. Do you believe three in every four men are rapists? Because that's basically what that's saying. Either that or there are a handful of very tired rapists out there running around with no time for anything but raping and more raping. How could you possibly believe that 75 percent of women in America have been raped?"

"Well, I was raped. It was a friend of mine. It was date rape. Most of the girls I know lost their virginity that way. So I think three out of every four women have probably been raped."

As I sat there looking at her in disbelief, My Brunette Female Friend sitting to the right of My Blonde Female Friend turned and said, "I agree with her. I think it's probably three out of four. I was basically molested by a guy and I know a lot of women have been somehow molested or abused. I think three out of four women have been sexually abused in some way. She's right."

"But we're not talking about sexual molestation," I protested. "We're talking specifically about rape."

"Well," she countered, "it doesn't matter. I still agree."

"Me too," My Blonde Female Friend concurred. "I agree with her. Three of every four women have been raped."

"But that's not what she said," I responded. "She said molested and you said raped and the two are not the same."

And then a third female friend jumped into the conversation.

"I agree with them, too," she said. "My ex husband beat me and I have a lot of friends who were abused and beaten by boyfriends and husbands. I agree."

"That's domestic violence," I said. "We're talking about rape."

"She's right," My Blonde Female Friend stated very matter-of-factly. "see, it's three out of every four. We've all been raped."

"Yes, I agree, too," My Brunette Female Friend nodded.

The Third Female Friend also nodded.

"But the three of you are all talking about something entirely different!" I erupted. "You're talking about rape," I said as I pointed to the Blonde. "You're talking about sexual assault," I said now pointing to the Brunette. "And you're talking about domestic violence," I said as I pointed to the Third Woman. "And all three of you are agreeing as if you're talking about the same thing, but you're not! That's insane!"

All the women nodded and smiled, happily agreeing with each other even as they all held entirely separate conversations which none of them were really listening to or paying any significant attention to.

"Is this how women normally talk about important issues?" I asked. "Do you all just agree to go along with whatever each other says even when you don't really know what the others are talking about?"

"I guess," My Blonde Female Friend said, still smiling the same wide-eyed smile of total empty detachment.


"What's wrong with that?" The Third Woman asked.

"What's wrong is that our nation's laws and people's lives are affected by this kind of thinking and I find it highly disturbing that you have all agreed to go along with whatever the others are saying even though you don't have any idea what the other is saying. You seem to just like the idea of women being victimized by men, whether its true or not, and it doesn't seem to bother you that there is no logic or reason to agreeing with someone who has said something entirely different than what you're saying. It's like I've walked through the looking glass into Wonderland and nothing makes any sense."

Welcome to Hu Ha land

"What wrong with that?" they all said together.

It was an "ah ha" moment, a moment when I began to see behind the curtain of the Female Mind to the crazy little wizard hiding behind it, frantically flipping levers and spinning dials to try to maintain the illusion of sanity.

"The three of you make no sense," I said. "And yet you have all agreed to go along with one another without any concern whatever to what is being discussed or whether any of it has even a shred of truth to it. And you're happy with that. It doesn't seem to concern you that horrible injustice results from that or that lives are destroyed. It doesn't seem to concern you that no one can follow your logic, because there isn't any, and in fact, you can't even follow each other so you don't even try to. You just go along to get along. And isn't that how date rapes often occur? Isn't that where a lot of sexual abuse comes from, just going along and not saying what you really think or feel, so that the person molesting you doesn't even know that they've abused you? How can they know if you just smile and go along as if everything is OK while they're peeling off your clothes?"

They all just smiled at me and continued nodding and drinking, not hearing a single word I had said, but happily agreeing.

I agree absolutely

I sat there with them, My Crazy Female Friends, for the rest of the night, quietly drinking and absorbing the insanity that I had just experienced. I don't understand women. I thought I did, but now I think I don't even want to. I'm afraid I might be disappointed if I did.

Or insane.

Perhaps when it comes to women, men are the same way, lying to ourselves just to get along, happy in our blissful ignorance, believing them to be innocent angels who just happen to have nice boobies and a warm place to put our HapPenis every now and then. And perhaps we don't really want to know what I just learned because it screws with that paradigm.

You want the truth?
You can't handle the truth!

Are all women crazy? If so then men must be, too, because we love them and give our lives to save theirs when the situation calls for it. We risk everything just for the chance to be with them. Surely that must be insanity.

So here's to insanity, a toast to the madness that binds us together and rips us apart and then brings us back together again for makeup sex. May none of us ever end up hooked up with a Lorena Bobbitt or an OJ Simpson or a Mary Winkler, and may I never again see that crazy person behind the curtain pulling the levers to keep the illusion going.

I am Oz, the great and powerful!

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