3 am and I'm still awake writing this blog

I've got 3 comments on old posts waiting to be moderated and I just can't be bothered. I think this blogging thing has jumped the shark. Or maybe I have? I still love the blogs I read, but I find that I have little time to visit them properly and leave a totally off-the-wall comment like I used to. I read, but can't think of anything to say. I guess it really must just be me. I can barely write on my own blog anymore. And it isn't for lack of material. 

People are still insane in traffic. I just care a lot less than I used to.

Our politicians are crazier and more corrupt than ever, but I find myself shrugging and just turning away. Yes, the upset in Massachusetts was fun, but it was a bit like when the Dallas Cowboys beat the undefeated New Orleans Saints earlier this season. It was just so unexpected. Those people up there in Massachusetts must be really pissed off about something.

There's no shortage of hot women I'd love to 'do' if we all lived in a fantasy world without consequences.

The news is still loaded with stupid slanted stories that just beg for my fabulous commentary.

But lately I just yawn and turn away. I don't know what's wrong. I must be low on testosterone or something. Maybe I'm not getting enough sleep?

OK, the TV is on while I write this. I thought I was ignoring it, but now I realize I'm not.

These Axe bodyspray and shampoo television commercials are freaky. I should probably just be glad that they aren't depicting the male characters as too stupid to cross a room without a wife and a GPS to give them directions like the Intuit TurboTax commercials do. Instead they play up the teenaged male desire to be attacked and molested by a gang of sexy females. That's fine, I guess, but the last time I encountered a boy who believed the hype he had bathed himself in the stuff to the point that no one could stand closer than 20 feet near him without being overwhelmed by the odor. Clearly this boy lacked a father to tell him that the commercials are just hype and bullshit. Poor, smelly, fatherless boy.

Smelly, fatherless boy needs Axe body spray

You know, as I struggle through this post I think I see one of the reasons I've lost my love of the internet and blogging and all of that stuff. It's this damn Dell laptop computer. It's just such a huge pain in the ass to do anything with this thing. Writing a blog post takes twice as long as it should just because of all the problems with this stupid piece of shit. I need to go back to the old desktop and forget this thing. It's hard to focus on the idea in your head when you have to rewrite everything 2 and 3 times because your laptop randomly highlights everything you've written and then deletes it for no apparent reason, but that is exactly what this fucker does. Dell has really sucked over the past several years. What is up with that?

And now for something, er, just wtf?

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