Miley Cyrus and those Scandalous Pics

Miley Cyrus' MySpace Scandal

Miley Cyrus is all over every news site I've visited this week. Apparently she took some photos of herself and posted them to her private MySpace account. But MySpace being MySpace, it got hacked immediately and the photos were copied and spread all over the internet.

All the news sites are reporting how 'shocking' these photos are and how disturbing it is because 'young girls look up to Miley' and yet this is how she behaves.

So, I saw the photos and all I have to say is this:

What is the big damn deal?

These are photos of a typical 15-year-old girl acting like a typical 15-year-old girl. How is anything about any of this shocking in the least?

And when did the antiChrist, anti-religion, anti-male, feminist media suddenly get so incredibly prudish and holier-than-thou about something like this? Isn't this the same media that attacked the FCC and George Bush when a television network was fined for Janet Jackson's decision to bare her big plastic breast? They said it was ridiculous and typical of 'evangelicals' and 'puritans'. So who's the ridiculous one now?

Anyone who has a blog can't escape seeing various random photos of females of all ages posing with their arm extended, camera in hand, and their clothes either half or fully off. These photos are all over the place.

Underwear and Hello Kitty!

I grew up a Southern Baptist in Alabama, with everything that goes with that. I've seen the Miley Cyrus photos. I'm supposed to be the big bad Religious Right compared to the feminists who run our media. And yet I can't see what the big fucking deal is with these photos. The girl is wearing clothes. She's not even topless.

Oh, but Vanity Fair's famous lesbian photographer, Annie Leibovitz, took some photos of Miley where she appears to be topless, although you can't see her breasts at all. Oh goodness, the scandal! Not for Annie, because you know you can't criticize a lesbian woman for anything no matter what she does. But for Miley and her parents. What were they thinking?!


Miley's Vanity Fair Scandal

Let's face facts here. Miley isn't showing anything at all. It's not even as exciting as Vanessa Hudgens' fully nude self-portrait.

Disney Darling Vanessa Hudgens' Full Monty

And in Vanessa's case, everyone said "oh, she's 18 so it doesn't matter." Yeah, she's 18 so you can fuck her. But if she were 17 and you got caught with her photo, by God, you'd be a child pornographer and sent off to prison as a registered sex offender, you son-of-a-bitch.

Still, the media is all panty-wadded over Miley and her bra and Miley and her sheet. It doesn't even qualify as porn, none of it. In fact, neither Miley's photos or Vanessa's photos qualify as porn. No one is performing a sex act on anyone else. It's just a girl alone with a camera.

Girls not alone

When I was a kid, I remember how the Europeans used to say that America was all fucked up because we rated nudity as pornographic and harmful to society, especially to children. We have a shit fit over a bare breast, which the rest of the world considers to be nothing of consequence.

A French Breast

They argued that we were crazy because we considered violence and even sexual violence to be highly entertaining and of no consequence whatever. My parents, and especially my feminist mother, used to say that those people who argued for this view were idiots and perverts. I used to agree. But I was young. What did I know?

Now that I'm a grown man and I've seen for myself the consequence of a lifetime of encouraging sexual violence while having constant hissy fits over bare tits, I have completely changed my mind.

Sexual Violence

Depictions of graphic sexual violence (always against males) are everywhere in America. You don't have to go searching the internet to find them. They're in your local paper, included alongside an ad for your nearest tae kwan do class. They're on posters hanging in the gym. They're in magazines in the grocery store. They're shown to children in elementary school who are then encouraged to do this to any man or boy who bothers them. And by God, they are all over the TV and in the movies every single day on every single channel, including the so-called 'family' channels. American society is more vicious and sexually violent today than ever before in history. But of course we are. We teach it and encourage it.

And yet we're all flustered and constipated about Miley Cyrus taking photos of herself in her underwear and posting it in her private account on MySpace. If she posted a photo of herself kicking her father in the testicles that would be fine. Lord knows when Kim Kardashian's little sister kicked her step brother in the testicles just to be a brat on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", we all saw that in ads for the show over and over and over again.

Sexual violence doesn't hurt anyone, right? I mean, just so long as the victim is male. After all, the American media's favorite saying is "well behaved women rarely make history." The more violent and sexually abusive a woman is to a man, the more she's celebrated for being 'empowered'. But let her show the slightest hint that she might be a normal 15-year-old girl who just wants to be sexy and we have a giant shit fit.

Miley Cyrus' photos of herself are nothing to get excited about. By Disney's twisted double-standards these photos are tame in the extreme. Anyone who has a daughter that looks up to Miley and her Hannah Montana character has nothing at all to worry about. Any child that can be associated with the Walt Disney Corporation and come away from it no more perverted than this has done extraordinarily well.

It's not Miley Cyrus we need to be concerned about. It's the perverts who run our media.

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