By the Way, Which One's Pink?

I was watching TV yesterday, when a show about Pink Floyd came on. They talked a lot about Sid Barrett and how he went crazy. I had listened to their music all through high school without ever really knowing much about who he was. The show ended up being more about him than anything else. It was kind of depressing.

I used to listen to Pink Floyd all the time, especially when I felt like I was down in a hole, which was most of the time back then. By the time I had graduated college I just couldn't listen to their music at all anymore. Even today, whenever one of their songs comes on, it starts dragging me back and I usually turn it off.

Oddly enough, and maybe I'm just weird, but to me the most interesting part of the show was when one of them played the opening notes of "Shine on you crazy diamond" and said "I don't know where this came from. I think I was trying to play an A chord and just messed up, but it has a haunting sound and I liked it."

Apparently Sid had walked into the studio when they were first recording this very song for the "Wish You Were Here" album. They hadn't seen him in five years and didn't recognize him. He had shaved his head, eyebrows and all, and gained about 100 pounds. They said it was scary to see this obviously crazy man, a stranger to them, jumping up and down in their studio while they played. And once they found out who he was, they were all devastated by how totally unrecognizable and completely gone he was.

I'm sorry this isn't funnier. This is what's on my mind. It's raining and dark and I can't get this song out of my head. Also, yesterday I made a comment on Steph's Much Ado About Sumthin' about wanting to go get drunk with her and throw pickles on the ceiling of a place called Maccers (which I later learned is simply Aussie for McDonald's.) She said she wondered if I could keep up with her. I said I probably couldn't and would most likely wake up on a street in the morning with pissed in pants and no shoes and no idea where I was. Well, I regret saying that because I dreamed it last night. Steph was in the dream briefly, but mostly I was just lost in Sydney, very much alone.

If you want some of my regular funny, please go visit Burt Reynold's Mustache. Today is my day to post there, and so I have.

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