Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

This photo is not about you

Today is Saturday. The weekend has barely begun. Already I am sore, exhausted and fried like bacon from working out in the yard in the full sun. The yard, for what its worth, looks a hell of a lot better than I do right now.

I have too many cars in the driveway now that I have fully moved everything back to hell, er, Memphis. Consequently, I managed to hit my own truck with my own car. It's OK, though. The truck didn't feel it a bit. The car, on the other hand, is dented like hell. Apparently God didn't make big trucks and middle-sized cars equal.

Take that, you spoiled little red bitch!

I'm curious, if I ask you to comment and simply say "I still read this blog" would you do it? I'm asking this because previous posts have resulted in totally unrelated comments and a few people saying in those comments "I don't read this blog anymore" and yet somehow they were reading all the comments and managed to leave comments replying to comments that were in no way related to the post they followed. Do you still read this blog? Do you think Facebook and Google+ have cut the legs out from under blogging? I wonder sometimes exactly who is still out there reading and who has moved on to other things.

Speaking of moving on, my life of late has kept me extremely busy and unable to make time for the internet in general. That means blogging, Facebooking, surfing, Googling - anything. I'd like to say the busyness is a good thing, that I'm doing fabulous new things that I enjoy, or that I have a new family and am busy taking care of my own kids, but none of that is true. I'm just busy.

Someone recently asked which car I had decided on. I'm leaning heavily towards the Challenger. It's just that it costs so damn much compared to the Mustang and it's much harder to find with the options that I want. MUCH harder. So I'm looking for it, but we'll see what happens with this.

Where oh where are you tonight?

I have made absolutely no headway on the Little Red Riding Hood story at all. I have started several different versions of it, only to be interrupted and never get to finish. By the time I get back to it I can't remember where I had intended to go, or I no longer feel inspired by the idea I had, and I have to start over. I may resort to writing something else just to get going again and see if this helps me do the one you guys selected. Moving in the middle of all this didn't help any, but it's more than just that. I simply feel no solid inspiration. I feel ... I don't know how to explain how I feel lately, but it hasn't lent itself well to creativity.

Not the only one lost in the forest

So apparently my new smartphone records video in mp4 instead of mp3. This has caused me more than a small headache as all attempts to upload a particular video have failed repeatedly. YouTube sends me emails telling me it is rejected. Facebook simply fails. Vimeo tells me it is too large and can't be uploaded at all unless I cut out a substantial amount of it. It's a live performance of a song, so cutting it would wreck the song.


Have you ever watched squirrels traveling between trees? They're like acrobats, leaping from tiny branch tips onto other tiny branch tips and sometimes barely catching, nearly falling from high up in the air.

And sometimes they do fall. And they scream. And it's the funniest damn thing you ever did see.

No, they don't die. The ground below is all dirt and leaves. I suppose if squirrels have curse words in their barking language then the sounds they make after they land is squirrel-cussing. Whatever, it's damned funny.

If only I could get THAT on video!

So anyway, I have to get an estimate on fixing my car after I whacked my truck with it. I suppose I'll get it fixed. I should just trade it in on a new Dodge Challenger or Mustang and forget it. But I know I won't. I always try to fix things, even when it's a waste of time and I should just discard it and start over.

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