You may have noticed that I am unable to get to my blog of late. Its true, I'm swamped with busy. I have some huge adjustments to make and until I get them taken care of my blogging will likely be very irregular.

So the instant I blogged "I still talk to Steph" she was gone. I mean, she was gone before, but we still talked. After I posted that, she was gone-gone, like the kind of gone where I wonder if she actually drowned at her parents farm or not.

There's a huge battle raging between establishment Republicans and Tea Party Republicans to see who is going to get the nomination for President. Meanwhile, Obama is trying to paint all Republicans as "anti-woman" because, as I've said before, he's our first lesbian president and thus to oppose him is to oppose all women everywhere according to communist-think. Yep, that's how it works in their twisted dogmatic world - disagree with one of those bitches and they label you as being against all bitches everywhere all the time forever.

I planted three trees already this year. I want this noted so the enviro-terrorists will give me my 'green credits' and leave me the fuck alone for the next three years. Fuck you loony religious assholes and your tree gods anyway. What do you do when you find yourself in a desert wasteland, suddenly become tree-atheists because there are no trees around? What about an environmentalist on the moon? Would he be so far from his tree gods as to be considered 'damned'?

I read recently that Chevrolet has stopped building any Volts. Apparently everything Obama touches turns instantly to shit, ala the housing market, solar power, etc, etc. No one wanted the Volt in the first place. Even a freshman in marketing could easily figure out that the market for the damn thing isn't there. Its a tiny niche, so you build just enough for that niche and no more. Ordering GM to crank out shitloads, which an American president lacks the authority to do and yet Obama did it anyway because he doesn't think the Constitution applies to tree gods like himself, doesn't guarantee success. It only guarantees a president looking like a stupid ass. So congratulations, President Stupid Ass, you proved your detractors correct. You truly don't know what the fuck you are doing.

I am exhausted and yet I can't think of why. I didn't do all that much today. I did some stuff, but it isn't as if I was flinging cinderblocks around in the back yard or anything. I moved some hoses, hauled some clothes upstairs to be stored away and little things like that. Nothing that should have worn me out. And yet here I sit, stinking of sweat and feeling as if I ran a marathon or something. WTF?

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