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Mr and Ms Smith

I'm running on fumes here. My brain is as exhausted as my body and both are pretty dead. And yet I feel as if I have accomplished absolutely nothing this week.

I wrote a letter to a writer at a very large newspaper. She had written an article about marriage in which she referred to the couple as "Mr and Ms Smith" and then spent the rest of the article talking about "Ms Smith". When two people get married and the woman takes the man's last name, unless she's about to divorce him you'll almost never hear her ask to be called "Ms" instead of "Mrs", especially in an article that is ABOUT MARRIAGE. But this writer does this all the time. So I shot her an email.

To be fair, it was a rapidly written, irritated email without much thought. But the thing is, I have written to this same writer before and when she wrote back to me previously she lied and said "we ask every woman we write about what she prefers."

I had responded "I find it odd that every single woman chooses "Ms" then, without exception other than Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, whom you always ALWAYS refer to as Mrs."

After writing this I actually contacted some of the women she had written about, including Mrs Bill Gates, and asked them. The responses were overwhelmingly "They didn't ask me my preference and I NEVER go by Ms."

So this writer and I already had a bad history of her lying to me. As a result, I was a bit of an asshole in my letter to her this time.

She responded to me that her editor orders her to do this and that her editor had written to me in the past and told me this already.

I keep every email I have ever been sent that isn't spam. Seriously. I have emails in my inbox and sent box going back to the 1990s.

One editor of one section at this paper wrote to me last year and claimed that all newspapers use "Ms" instead of "Mrs" for all women. And I had responded with examples of this paper referring to Nancy Pelosi as Mrs Pelosi and Hillary Clinton as Mrs Clinton, both of which are ironic considering they are the only women this paper will acknowledge the marital status of and yet Hillary hasn't even lived in the same house as Bill for over 12 years. I can only assume that this was the editor that the writer was referring to.

So anyway, having nothing better to do, obviously, I researched this newspaper's readers. Over 80 percent of their readers are males. You would think it would be 80 percent feminist women from the things they write, but no, it's almost all men. And yet issue after issue promotes not only a disrespect for married women, but a radical feminism so extreme that it once spilled out into an all-out war between the old feminists and the young feminists who work at this paper as they argued openly on the pages of the paper about whether or not women should vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. No other candidate was even given consideration as a possible choice. And anyone who dared to disagree with the writer(s) was torn to shreds in the articles. They were at each others throats for months.

It was actually very enlightening to see the open bias and contempt they each expressed for one another in those articles simply because they dared to disagree on one single issue - who to vote for in 2008.

Earlier today I was in a meeting with 2 men who recruit corporate talent for a living. I had noticed a billboard alongside Poplar Avenue in midtown featuring a photo of a man wearing a pink shirt. It was claiming to be an ad for a product targeting men. But the pink shirt communicated something entirely opposite that message. I wondered aloud to these two men whether American business leaders have totally lost their minds or just their balls. This led to a conversation about ESPN and how all the men are forced to wear pink, all the sports shows are now featuring a female lead commentator who never played any of the sports she's discussing, and how Mike Tirico is a despicable misanthropic cunt who makes Monday Night Football unbearable to listen to.

Both men agreed with me that they are sick to death of men being emasculated with pink and with perfumes and insulted by female supremacist bigots claiming to be outraged at men mistreating women when the reality is that they themselves are doing and have been doing all the sex-based hating for the past 50 plus years.

The conversation escalated from this point to a level that amazed even me. I knew men in general are pretty mad and I knew men are mostly aware that we have been getting shit on for what amounts to my entire lifetime, plus many years before. But I didn't know just how far the anger went.

And then these men began to talk about how their sons have become emasculated by television, despite their own best efforts to raise them right. Their sons want body spray and frequently go to school smelling like a skunk's ass because they use so much of it. They want designer clothes and won't even consider accepting a hand-me down from an older brother or cousin. They want to be shiny and coiffed and frilly and gay like spoiled little daddy's girls.

For as long as I can remember the Far Left has openly declared their intention of emasculating all Western males, using females to destroy marriage and bring about a cultural overthrow that leads to a global communism and a single leader to run the entire planet. They said long ago that they want to destroy both marriage and the family because they see it as an obstacle to global super government. And then they tried to justify this misanthropic view by claiming that marriage and family oppress women and thus the destruction of both is actually very pro-woman. It's the kind of twisted logic that only a person with a severe personality disorder or drug habit can manage, but then we are talking about hard-line communists here.

I remember my dad and other men of his generation talking about the books the communists had written openly declaring this plan and declaring that it would never succeed. And I note that my dad and most of his generation are dead. And no one seems to read books anymore. And the generation of males that is going to take over after my generation is currently dressed in pink and wearing Axe body spray and tooth bleach and skinny jeans. The boys coming up mostly don't have fathers thanks to the very successful movement to eliminate men from the family and drive them as far away from their homes as possible. These boys don't have a clue what it means to be a man. They can't even change their own oil in their cars, but they sure know how to buy a pair of 24 inch rims and pay someone to install blinding aftermarket Xenon headlights. They don't know the difference between a Hemi and a Wedge, but they can sure spike their hair into a neat little horn with the best of them.

I remember my dad saying they would never succeed in destroying the family and emasculating American men. But he's dead and gone and I wonder if perhaps they have already done it?

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