Monday of a New Year

There is a lot going on in the news, mostly political and cynical and dirty. It makes me angry the more I read. I have a strong sense of justice and all I see is massive corruption feeding itself and getting bigger while the taxpayers (me) get raped to pay for it all. I want to do something about it, but nothing I try seems to have much effect, if any at all.

I am going to try not to comment on any of the specifics of what I just said. I am going to try to just leave it alone. I am going to try, but you know at some point I wrote a letter to someone in Washington DC and told them exactly what I think and what I want.

And we both know what they are going to do with that letter. It will be deleted and ignored, as usual. That's pretty much par for the course with Washington DC these days. Heaven forbid any of the "little people" dare to speak to the criminals who rob us of our hard earned pay day in and day out.

Your Congressman

So, is anyone excited about the remaining Republican candidates for President? For that matter, is anyone excited about ANY of the candidates for President? I guess the Ron Paul people are excited. I don't know that Obama has as many people as he used to. Certainly among the rich white females he has lost that lovin' feeling. He's trying to buy it back with all sorts of outrageous and sexist legislation, but so far it isn't working. Again, I'm grinding my teeth as I resist the urge to comment on this in detail here.

I get the sense that people feel as if Mitt Romney has been hand-picked by the Republican leadership, those dark lords hiding in the shadows who so despise their own voters and especially the Tea Party that those voters created. It's more than a tad bit insulting to be told that you can choose any candidate you want so long as it's Mitt Romney. It brings to mind the last disastrous election in which conservatives were told "thanks for voting, but we've selected John McCain and he's getting the nomination even if no one actually voted for him." Yeah, thanks for that, you closeted foot-tapping homosexual pedophiles. And then McCain himself came out and just flat-out admitted he was never intended to win.

"Off with her head!"

Following the phony campaign of John McCain, which handed the White House to hand-picked Democrat candidate and known Marxist Barack Obama, the Obamas instructed Hollywood to send the stars of the recent film "Alice in Wonderland" to the White House to throw them a party in the them of "Alice in Wonderland." Johnny Depp himself, as well as Tim Burton, were there. It was during the height of the Depression and the slavish News Media obediently reported not a word about it until just this week, 3 years later, and even then only because a man how released a new book exposing the whole thing. It seems quite appropriate that new President Obama wanted to have a party themed after "Alice in Wonderland", complete with the Queen of Hearts, whose unjust, tyrannical, insane and arbitrary rule so closely mirrored his own upcoming display of legislative madness.

Before I get off the political stump, have you all noticed how many Obama staffers and czars and dealers and whores are jumping ship already? Every day there's another news story about someone in the Obama White House resigning and running like hell for the exits. Today it's one of the criminals from the Daley Klan out of Chicago. The other day it was one of the Lesbian Brigade. Before that I can't even remember who it was because there have been so many people grabbing for lifeboats and paddling away.

So tonight is a huge football game in college football. Two SEC teams (Yay SEC!) with little to no passing ability are going to spend all night beating the hell out of each other without scoring many points, if history is any guide, and then decide the final victor by a last second field goal or defensive take-away that gets run back for a touchdown. Games in which there are no offensive touchdowns often suck. But this game is the most important college football game of the year.

Yay SEC football!

Paul McCartney has a new album out entitled "Kisses on the Bottom." I'm sorry, perhaps he doesn't mean this the way it sounds, but I picture him kissing a naked woman on the ass when I hear this title. I didn't research it very deeply so I don't know what the real explanation is. But I prefer mine anyway. And when I hear 'album' I think of vinyl. So I wonder if this new album will indeed be available on vinyl?

The FCC is having to stand before the Supreme Court this week to defend their authority to regulate obscenity and indecency in broadcast media. According to the article, they have not been enforcing their rules since 2006, and prior to this they were a bit arbitrary and confusing in what they classified as illegal and what was legal. To me, as long as they permit scenes of men being viciously sexually assaulted by protagonists in what is depicted as a heroic act of justifiable retribution, I don't give a flying fuck how many curse words or bare breasts, buttocks, vaginas or penises are shown on the screen and to what audiences. Violent sexual abuse is the most obscene and indecent act there is short of murder, and they have stubbornly refused to prohibit it except when the victim is female. Thus, as far as I am concerned, the FCC serves no legitimate purpose in the first place and may as well be abolished. We already know from research that these glorifications of anti-male sexual violence have led to an explosion of misandric sexual assaults in this country. It isn't just a theory. It's a confirmed fact. And yet not one lawmaker, not one government agent, not one prosecutor has lifted a finger to stop it. Quite the opposite, in fact, it is packaged and sold as a uniquely American product while we pat ourselves on the back and claim we are doing a good thing by transforming our society into Sodom.

God's gift to the working man - beer and boobs

And with that cheery note, I see that I have not yet rediscovered my 'funny', so I'm just going to stop here and go watch some football. I hope you guys are all having a happy new year so far. Mine hasn't been too bad yet, except when I turn on the TV or read the paper, at which point I get more than a little discouraged and angry.

The FCC says this is fine, just so long as no one says "fuck" when they are assaulted ...

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